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Workplace Health and Safety Articles

How to Get Corporate Fitness Jobs
May 7 2023 - As people become more health conscious, the demand for health and fitness professionals increases as well.

5 Helpful Tips for Working in Healthcare
February 1 2023 - Working in healthcare isn't always easy, but if you have the dedication and skills, it's an amazing job.

Everything You Need to Know About Getting Your Online CPR Certification
October 25 2022 - You can get your online CPR certification in as little as four hours by taking an accredited online CPR course. The course will teach you how to properly perform CPR on an adult, child, or infant.

Top Tips for Good Safety Practice in a Commercial Setting
August 26 2022 - It is a startling fact that three million common injuries happen in the workplace each year in America.

6 Ways HR Can Support Workplace Eye Health and Safety
July 11 2022 - Employees today are more likely to experience digital eye strain after long hours of work, and maintaining vision wellness has become a major concern for most organizations.

Why Employee Mental Well-Being Needs to be a Priority
March 8 2022 - There is increasing evidence to suggest that there is a direct and immediate link between your employee’s mental health and their work performance.

Sonogram vs. Ultrasound: What Are the Differences?
January 4 2022 - A sonogram is a picture from an ultrasound machine. On the other hand, an ultrasound is a device that generates images known as sonograms.

How to Respond to Anti-Vaccination Sentiment in the Workplace
November 3 2021 - What can you do when vaccine misinformation is running rampant and seemingly out of control? Let’s take a closer look at how HR workers can respond professionally to vaccine hesitation at work.

How HR Can Promote Employee Health
August 11 2021 - To aid in this endeavor, we have provided some tips and guidance for pushing your company in the right direction.

Developing a Safety Plan for Construction Sites
June 20 2021 - Construction sites are dangerous if workers are careless and clueless. Here's how to develop a safety plan for your construction site.

What to Do in the Case Of A Workplace Injury
September 10 2020 - Sustaining a workplace injury can be a terrible experience, especially if your employer is at fault. Here's how to navigate dealing with getting hurt at work.

Job and Self-Care Tips for New Nurses (These Will Make Your Life Easier)
September 6 2020 - It's hard being a new nurse. It's a whole new ball game with a different set of rules. Learn how to transition easiest with these helpful tips for new nurses.

Dealing With Common Injuries Both Legally and Physically
August 1 2020 - There are many different types of common injuries that can affect people on any given day. Regardless of the injury, there's a way to deal with it!

Hurt on the Job: 10 Steps to Take After a Workplace Injury
March 18 2020 - Have you incurred a workplace injury? Read on to find specific steps to follow to protect yourself and your potential claim.

How to Keep Your Employees Safe in Your Lab
January 19 2020 - There are safety risks at any place of work, but if they're not properly managed, those risks can be much greater in a laboratory.

How to Achieve the Amazing Perfect Smile You Always Wanted
December 3 2019 - Whether you're looking for innovative methods or dentist plans that don't break the bank, learn how to achieve the amazing perfect smile you always wanted.

HR Strategies for Dealing with Workplace Stress
Updated December 2 2019 - Employers and HR departments need to recognize the signs of stress and find ways to deal with employee stress and anxiety effectively.

Opiates vs Opioids: A Guide to the Key Differences
November 16 2019 - When it comes to opiates vs opioids, what is the difference? Learn the subtle distinction with the breakdown in this guide.

Espresso Benefits: 11 Advantages of Drinking Coffee While at Work
November 12 2019 - Are you an HR manager considering an office coffee service? Learn how espresso benefits employees with these 11 advantages of coffee at work.

Why Is Workplace Safety Important?
May 15 2019 - Safety in the workplace is a right that every employee should be able to count on. Not only that, but it is law.

Fitness In The Workplace: How Employers Can Get Behind It
July 23 2018 - To get the best from your employees ideally they need to be in optimal health mentally, physically and emotionally.

How To Take Care Of Your Employees' Mental Health
January 12 2018 - Stress in the workplace is inevitable but its effects can be countered if you have the right processes in place.

Smoking by Nurses Creates Workplace Issues
Updated September 21 2017 - Nurses who smoke can create workplace problems that health care systems should address in order to promote better interactions between nurses and their patients and reduce dissension among staff.

The Role of HR in Creating a Safe and Healthy Workplace
May 12 2017 - While the priority should be about protecting the health and wellbeing of employers, it can also reflect positively on the firm's balance sheet too.

Helping Employees with Health Insurance
January 20 2017 - A lot of studies have confirmed that job (and life) security can help boost employees' productivity levels to new heights.

Work And Sleep
July 23 2012 - Research from the University of Iowa has shown that police officers sleeping less than six hours per night are more susceptible to chronic fatigue and health problems.

Unemployment And Health
May 20 2010 - Loss of employment can have significant long-term health consequences

Health Effects Of Work-Related Stress And Shift Work
May 19 2010 - Work-related Stress, Shift Work And Coronary Heart Disease

Employers Can Help Reduce Obesity
July 3 2009 - With obesity rates making headlines across the country, 22% of organizations offer weight management programs.

Flexibility Leads To Healthier Lifestyle
January 21 2008 - Employees who believe they have flexibility in the workplace tend to sustain healthier lifestyle habits.

Helping Depressed Employees
September 27 2007 - Employees with significant depression who participated in a program including a telephone outreach and care management service demonstrated fewer symptoms, improved work productivity and greater job retention than those receiving standard care.

FMLA Implementation
August 10 2007 - A recent report from the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) has found that nearly 40 per cent of human resource (HR) professionals have experienced problems with implementation of the Family and Medical Leave Act 1993 (FMLA).

Sick Day Entitlement Survey
April 5 2007 - The latest survey of sick days in the U.S. found that time off policies are continuing to evolve with a number of states and cities exploring mandatory paid sick leave.

Bipolar Disorder Costs More Than Depression
September 2 2006 - Bipolar disorder costs twice as much in lost productivity as major depressive disorder.

Childhood Cancer Survivors Face Higher Unemployment Risk
May 22 2006 - A new review shows that adults with a history of childhood cancer are more likely to be unemployed than the general population.

Long-term disability and employee assistance
September 1 2005 - Members can access an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) offering 'solutions-focused consultation' for a wide range of personal issues

Playing Hooky
July 28 2005 - An absenteeism survey conducted for Hudson showed that nearly a third (30%) of US workers admitted to taking a 'sick' day when they were not ill.

Employees negative about health care options
June 17 2005 - Fear and anxiety drive purchasing decisions, according to a Towers Perrin study.

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