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Helping Employees with Health Insurance

January 20 2017 - A lot of studies have confirmed that job (and life) security can help boost employees' productivity levels to new heights. Companies who take active steps towards providing their employees with health insurance, for example, are enjoying a higher level of growth thanks to the enhanced performance of their employees. Fortunately, health insurance is more accessible than ever. Programs such as Medicare have been put in place to make sure more Americans have access to health insurance. Company-sponsored insurance policies are just as widely available.

Naturally, there are Medicare and Medicaid eligibility requirements to meet. The requirements for Medicare are more general, with anyone under the age of 65 who has been receiving social security benefits for two years being given access to good health insurance coverage. Commercial health insurance, on the other hand, usually has more relaxed requirements.

Learn more about health insurance eligibility from the Medicare and Medicaid Eligibility infographic by,

Medicare and Medicaid EligibilityOnline Healthcare MBA Program

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