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Dealing With Common Injuries Both Legally and Physically

Common injuries

August 1 2020 - Thousands of accidents and injuries happen every day. In the workplace alone, there's an injury every 7 seconds.

Some injuries are severe enough to need medical treatment and miss work. You may not have to pay those medical costs, and you may be able to get monetary compensation for your injuries.

Read on to discover the types of common injuries and what you need to know about them from a legal perspective.

Auto Accident Injuries

More than 4 million people sustain injuries in car accidents that need medical attention every year. The common injuries that happen are whiplash, back and neck problems, and broken bones.

If you're in an auto accident, you should get medical attention right away, even if you don't feel any pain. Some injuries aren't noticeable for a few days after the accident. The more documentation you have, the stronger your legal claim will be.

Slips and Falls

You could be at a place of business and trip over something on the floor and break your arm. If you're one of them, you're looking at an injury that costs at least $2500. That's if you don't need surgery.

If you're one of them, you may need to see an attorney to receive financial compensation and damages for your injuries. Read more here about finding an attorney and how they're paid.

Workplace Injuries

Slips and falls don't only happen when you visit another business. They can happen while you're at work as well.  There are other types of hazards at work, such as chemical and biological. These hazards can cause injuries and illnesses.

Some workplace injuries aren't that obvious. They could be repetitive use injuries, which can be just as painful. Look at all of the instances of carpal tunnel syndrome and other issues that stem from sitting at a desk all day.

In many of these instances, you could receive worker's compensation insurance. This is a type of insurance that employers must have that will pay for medical bills and some lost wages if you're injured at work.

Common Injuries and Legal Issues

When you sustain injuries in the workplace or in an accident, you need to take the appropriate action right away. You need to report the injury and see a medical professional as soon as possible.

That's because you may have a personal injury case or be entitled to receive worker's compensation insurance. It is critical to provide documentation that proves your injuries are the direct result of the incident.

A police report, medical report, and HR report would help you do that. You'll also need to visit an attorney to review your case and go over all of your options.

Dealing with Common Injuries and the Law

Common injuries can happen anywhere. You can slip and fall at a place of business. You can get into a car accident. You can get hurt at work.

It's important to document as much as possible about the injury as soon as it happens. You need to seek out an attorney with experience in worker's compensation and personal injury law. They'll evaluate your case and tell you what your best options are.

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