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US Unemployment - Commissioner's Statement
Monthly statement from the Department of Labor..

Taking the Next Step: 3 Successful Tips for Finding a Job After College
October 14 2020 - Graduating from college with your degree is a major milestone. Time to take the next step, here are 3 successful tips for finding a job after college.

How Can Social Media Help Your Career?
August 14 2020 - There are uses for social media, but how can social media help your career? This guide shows 5 simple ways social media can boost your career.

7 Simple Tips to Getting Hired Fast
March 18 2020 - Need a job? Looking for a better job than you already have? Learn seven simple tips to getting hired fast. Land that dream job in no time!

Top self-employed jobs in 2019
September 4 2019 - Becoming self-employed is an increasingly popular means of making an income, as people prefer to ditch the nine-to-five for a more flexible and gratifying career path.

The Top Career Choices for Steady Employment
January 2 2017 - Have a look at the top career choices below that will offer you a guaranteed job every year.

Rising demand for top executives
September 14 2006 - A report by Rick Slayton from Chicago-based Slayton Search Partners examines factors that have created a sellers' market in the executive search game. Slayton analyzes both sides of the recruiting equation and offers insights into strategies that are working both for companies and executives in transition.

Making Work Really Work For Families
August 17 2006 - The Center for Law and Social Policy (CLASP) marks ten years since the US ended 'welfare as we know it' and moved to replace welfare dependence with 'the dignity, the power and the ethic of work'. The underlying premise of reform was that work would enable welfare recipients to move out of poverty. The reality is that too many former recipients and other low-income workers are stuck in dead end jobs without a future. Welfare changes during the 1990s helped recipients gain employment and contributed to increases in the real incomes of some working families.

Graduates at Home
August 17 2006 - Experience, Inc. has announced the findings of its 2006 Life After College online survey of recent American graduates on the growing 'boomerang kids' trend towards returning to live in the family home, career paths and the overall reality of life after college.

Identifying MBA Talent
August 17 2006 - Fortune 500 employers are discovering that recruitment of 'perfect fit' MBA talent on the campuses of leading business schools is becoming more difficult than ever, says MBA Scouting Report, a new company specializing in early identification of new MBA students in the United States and abroad.

98 Staffing Companies Top $100 million a Year
June 2 2005 - Signalling a major turn for the better, last year saw a 12% increase in the number of public and private U.S. staffing companies (98 in all) with revenues of $100 million, according to Staffing Industry Analysts, Inc.

Dramatic Improvement in MBA Job Market
April 15 2005 - The job market for MBA graduates has been sluggish for several years but a recent GMAC survey finds that opportunities for MBAs are increasing rapidly and are set for a dramatic improvement during 2005. A total of 1,691 recruiters, representing 1,019 companies worldwide, participated in the survey.

Have an Action Plan for Layoffs, Expert Advises
January 15 2003 - If you get a pink slip at your job, don't panic, says a Wichita State University sociologist who researches displaced workers.

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