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From Employees to Ambassadors: Building a Strong Social Media Advocacy Program
March 25 2024 - When it comes to building an effective social media strategy, employee advocacy is a powerful tool.

6 Common Errors in Creating an Infographic and How to Avoid Them
June 3 2023 - An infographic is useless if it doesn't convey the idea behind it. Also, you only have two seconds for someone to catch their attention.

What Is a Virtual Mailbox and How Does It Work?
December 22 2022 - We provide you with information on what a virtual mailbox is, how it works, and what to look for in a service provider.

Types of Podcast Formats: Which One Is Right for You?
February 23 2022 - While there are many podcast formats to choose from, you'll have to figure out which appeals to you most.

Things to Keep in Mind When Running a Business Meeting
January 21 2022 - Business meetings are necessary from time to time when it comes to distributing necessary information to relevant parties within a company

When can Your Employees Benefit from Transcription Services?
December 18 2021 - Think of all the time spent manually writing up reports after the fact and how much of it you can save by automating this side of the process.

How HR Can Stay Connected to a Remote Workforce
July 6 2021 - When the team is dispersed across a wide area and perhaps even different states and countries, the HR team may find it hard to keep connected with them.

Understanding the Benefits of Professionally Proofreading Your Content
April 23 2021 - Do you publish written works or general purpose content online? Here's how professionally proofreading your own content or getting some else to do it will help.

How to Become a Better Reader: The Top Tips to Know
July 5 2020 - Are you trying to figure out how to become a better reader? If so, you should check out some of our best tips by clicking here.

The Top 7 Most Important Reasons to Learn English Right Away
February 11 2020 - Are you ready to pick up a new language and learn how to communicate in English? Here are the most important reasons to learn English right away.

5 Public Speaking Tips to Make Friends and Influence Thousands
January 23 2020 - Scared of public speaking? We've got your back. Click here to learn how to command a room in no time at all.

Why HR Professionals Should Be More Like Network Marketers
September 28 2019 - The skill sets that HR managers are trying to seek out for marketing departments in-house are the same skills that network marketers hone in order to be successful.

Presentation Ideas to Command Audience Attention
July 24 2019 - Ever sit through a presentation that continued to drag on until you nodded off asleep? Don't be that guy or girl with these presentation ideas to grab attention.

Make Your Case: How HR leaders can get CEO sign-off for HR expenditures
October 25 2013 - As the HR leader, itís your job to communicate the importance of your initiatives and secure the resources you need to drive results for your department and the organization.

E-mail: the Way to Gossip
July 2 2012 - It has been estimated that the average corporate email user sends 112 messages a day - and one in seven of those messages can be described as gossip.

Surveying Employee Opinions
June 26 2008 - A recent survey by Opinion Research Corporation found that many US businesses are missing out on vital feedback and ideas from their own workforces.

Bad Language Can Get You Fired
April 30 2008 - With the economy threatening recession, a new survey suggests that cursing and cussing in the workplace are not likely to help your career. The survey shows that 36% of bosses in the U.S. have issued a formal warning, and 6% have actually fired an employee for swearing.

Sacking By Email
September 26 2007 - A recent survey found that 10 per cent of respondents said their organization had used email to sack or layoff employees and 17 per cent said emails had been used to avoid other difficult communications.

Streamlining Makes Meetings Meaningful
December 6 2006 - A few simple guidelines can make office meetings productive instead of a source of boredom or dread, according to Taggart Smith, professor of organizational leadership and supervision in the College of Technology, Purdue University. One of the key factors to running a good meeting is to make sure it's needed in the first place.

Meetings, meetings
February 27 2006 - Meetings, don't we hate them? Apparently, there was a doubling (at least) of meetings at work in the second half of the 20th Century. The implications have been little studied but recent research on the link between the experience of meetings and the effects on worker well-being has shown some surprising findings.

Phone fibbing is the most common form of lying
March 8 2004 - Research shows that people lie in a quarter of their daily, social interactions and Cornell University communications researchers say that people are most likely to lie on the telephone.

Effective Communication
January 17 2003 - Have you ever had a conversation with someone and walked away scratching your head and wondering what just happened?

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