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Espresso Benefits: 11 Advantages of Drinking Coffee While at Work

Espresso Benefits

November 12 2019 - Thinking of adding an office coffee service? Are you planning to buy an espresso machine for the lounge?

Don't wait any longer! There are too many espresso benefits you shouldn't pass up!

Yes, there's more to it than drinking coffee at night. Caffeine can boost productivity at work.

Not sure how or why? Here are 11 benefits of caffeine you shouldn't ignore:

1. Stay Alert

It's no surprise that a shot of espresso or a few cups of coffee can keep you awake and energetic. Adenosine in the brain makes a person drowsy but the active chemicals in coffee block adenosine activation. However, you have to take it at the right time of the day, when the body doesn't already fight off adenosine.

Yes, drinking coffee keeps you up and alert, ready for any task at the workplace.

This is important when you are in the middle of a big project or at a business meeting. You don't want to space out when someone delivers an important presentation!

2. Relax and Recollect

Had a bad day at work? This could affect productivity. Fortunately, one of the positive effects of caffeine is its ability to fight stress.

If you need to relax and recollect, have a cup of coffee. It can help you pick up the pieces of your mind and get a better grasp of the current situation. Don't fret when things go awry; have some coffee and tackle the task again.

3. Fight Diseases

There is no shortage of studies showcasing the health benefits of coffee. One study, for example, highlights how regular coffee drinking can prolong your life!

There are also hints that work coffee might have cancer-preventing qualities and might even help prevent diabetes. However, these are still non-conclusive until further research digs into these potential benefits of caffeine.

4. Encourages Social Engagement

Putting an espresso machine in the office lounge is a great idea. It encourages staff members to socialize while having coffee. Coffee breaks are amazing because these fifteen-minute intervals allow employees to get away from work and discuss things they feel excited about.

Don't forget that short breaks are team-building methods too. Letting employees get to spend time with each other for things other than work can strengthen their bond and boost their abilities to collaborate.

5. Energizes and Improves Concentration

Coffee is a well-known stimulant that jolts you awake. Espresso is the strongest kind of coffee drink you can get. Take one shot at the workplace during your break and you'll get all the energy you need to concentrate on the tasks at hand.

6. Find Your Happy Place

When things get too hectic at the workplace, don't hesitate to walk away for a moment and sip some coffee. As mentioned, caffeine naturally soothes emotions and can help you relax.

Make it a routine. Set aside some time at the workplace so you can get away from it all and have a cup or two. Even something as simple as this allows you to meditate and get back to your happy place.

7. Maintain Willpower for Decision-Making

Ever wondered why people like Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg always wear the same clothes? They do this to reduce the number of decisions they have to make each day, preserving their willpower for more important tasks.

Coffee, as it turns out, can boost your willpower. Increasing willpower ensures your brain and decision-making capabilities won't wear out before the day ends. This is important if you're in charge of executive responsibilities.

8. Can Help Reduce Weight

Caffeine contains chlorogenic acids, which can help slow down the body's absorption of carbs. It also increases your metabolism, which is the process in which the body burns fat. Put these together and it's easy to see how coffee can help you lose weight.

Why is this important for the workplace?

Gaining weight exposes you to heart conditions, complications due to high blood pressure, and other diseases. You'll also get lethargic as you gain weight. These all slow you down at the workplace.

9. Rich in Antioxidants

The body creates free radicals as it processes sunlight, food, and even air. These free radicals harm the body and antioxidants fight them off. Each antioxidant functions differently but the good news is coffee contains several of them.

In short, this means coffee can help fight off common diseases, physical stress, and exhaustion. When you're too tired after a few hours of work, take a break and have some coffee to bring yourself back to tiptop shape.

10. Mood Booster

Got into an argument with a coworker? That's bad for business. It's time to have some coffee, cool your head, and approach things differently.

As mentioned, coffee can help you find your happy place.

Take advantage of this fact! If things get too hot at the office, go to the espresso machine and take a shot. It'll wake you up and help you look at things in a different light.

11. Fights a Sleepless Night

It's no secret that coffee is a good stimulant. If you had to work long hours the night before, you don't want to snooze at the office. Falling asleep at work slows down production and affects decision-making too.

Think of all the typos people make because they force themselves to work while feeling sleepy. Avoid mistakes like this by drinking some coffee at the right time.

You're not supposed to drink coffee the moment you wake up. At this point, the brain already has produced enough chemicals to fight off drowsiness. It's the reason why you woke up, after all.

Enjoy These Espresso Benefits Now!

What are you waiting for? Add an espresso machine to the workplace lounge and let your staff enjoy these espresso benefits now! It's not simply for the love of coffee; it can help boost productivity too!

Reaping the benefits of a good cup of coffee is only the beginning. If you want to learn other ways you can improve the workplace, why not read our other posts now? We cover a myriad of topics, guaranteeing you'll find new tips and tricks all the time!

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