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Why Is Workplace Safety Important?

May 15 2019 - Safety in the workplace is a right that every employee should be able to count on. Not only that, but it is law. Even if it wasn't part of the legislation, it is something that all employers should take seriously anyway. Why is this? What is so important about keeping the workplace safe? Read on to find out why it should not be ignored, why it should be taken seriously, and how it can even boost your business.

More Productivity

If your workforce feels safe in the place in which they work, and they know that the tools and the instructions that you have provided are safe, they will be able to be much more productive. The workers understand that their health and safety is a priority within the business, and this will make them feel confident about doing what they need to do; they won't hesitate to get on with the job at hand.

They may even do more than is expected because they know that their safety is being looked after, and they want to go the extra mile for a company that takes this issue so seriously. Not only does this mean you are less likely to have to find additional staff (which is expensive) because those working for you are so loyal, but it also means your output could increase and so will your profits.

Less Absenteeism

Keeping your employees safe and well is good for them, and the business as a whole. If your workers feel safe and secure in their jobs, they will be less likely to take time off for sickness. Those who don't feel so secure, or who feel that their safety is being jeopardized, may call in sick because they simply dread going into the office or workplace, or they may feel unwell due to the stress of the situation. Either way, you will be losing out on a number of workers, and potentially falling behind in production.

Those who know that the business they work for takes their health and safety seriously will be proud to come into work, feeling safe while they are there, and not be stressed about coming back the next day.

Better Reputation

A good reputation in business is crucial, and keeping your employees safe and happy is one way to build on your reputation and keep it positive. All it takes is one workplace accident and one employee to claim using The Compensation Experts, for that hard-earned reputation to be ruined.

When that happens, securing new contracts can be difficult, older clients might look elsewhere, and finding new employees will be hard to do - they will prefer to work somewhere safe. Therefore, keeping your current workforce safe and ensuring the correct health and safety measures are in place will save you a lot of potential trouble.

Better Workplace Standards

If employees feel you don't care about them, the chances are that they won't care about you either; they won't clean up after themselves as well as they could, and they won't take pride in their work. This can even make your health and safety issues worse.

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