Articles About Work/Life Balance

The Pros and Cons of Take Your Dog to Work Day
June 9 2019 - While the event has skyrocketed in popularity since it was first celebrated in 1999, there are still some businesses that are unsure of whether they should partake in the special occasion or not.

How to Help Your Employees When They Have a Crisis
March 1 2019 - More and more businesses, especially larger organizations, now have policies in place to help their staff cope with difficult circumstances.

Tech Companies All-Costs Model is Destroying Human Resources Management
March 17 2017 - As a human resources manager, it is your job to take every allegation seriously and work to resolve each issue, regardless of the culture at your company.

Always Working? How to Achieve Better Work-Life Balance
October 22 2016 - Even if you're incredibly dedicated to the job, it's crucial to achieve a reasonable balance between work and home.

Working Remotely Alleviates More Stress Than It Creates
November 30 2010 - Employees who spend most of their working week as telecommuters have greater job satisfaction than people who are primarily office workers

Telecommuting Better Than Office Working
June 28 2010 - Telecommuters experience a better work/life balance than office-based employees even when working significantly longer hours

Teleworking Feds Could Save $5 billion In Commuting Costs
March 1 2008 - While 96% of 664 Federal employees surveyed could be teleworking, only 20% are currently doing so.

Most Senior Employees Never Stop Working
January 7 2008 - Typically, they worked evenings, weekends, and during their commute. Many believed that their employers were responsible for creating the situations that lead to overwork.

Latinos Suffer Less Work/Life Conflict
August 27 2007 - A study by Wake Forest University School of Medicine and Centro Latino published in the Journal of Applied Psychology found that recent Latino immigrants employed in low-wage, non-professional jobs reported infrequent conflict between work and family.

Lack of After-School Care Affects Parent Productivity
December 8 2006 - New research has found that millions of American parents are less productive at work because they are worried about what their children are doing after school. The report, entitled After-School Worries: Tough on Parents, Bad for Business, was prepared by Catalyst, a leading non profit organization working to improve conditions for women in employment, in cooperation with the Women's Studies Research Center at Brandeis University.

Nurses suffer work-life conflict
September 22 2006 - A recent national survey of American registered nurses found that half reported that work chronically interfered with their home lives.

Caregivers Hiding Responsibilities to Enhance Careers
February 19 2006 - University faculty with family responsibilities may be hiding their caregiving responsibilies to prevent biased and negative implications on their careers.

Concern for Family Issues May Boost Performance
January 15 2005 - Employee support programs are vulnerable to elimination in times of economic downturn due to bottom-line-only decisions.

More Fun at Work
July 15 2004 - The best paid employees get the highest material benefits from working, but it also seems that they have the richest social lives.

Working Moms Heading Home? Not Likely
December 24 2003 - As holidays, hearth, and home take center stage and working mothers try to fit gift-wrapping and card-sending into their already-crowded schedules, the media start their annual claim that the new generation of women is turning away from careers to care for their families. As The New York Times Magazine put it in a recent cover story, women are "abandoning the climb and heading home."

When Work and Family Conflict, Men Are More Likely Than Women to Leave Their Jobs
May 24 2003 - Male and female employees are confronted with conflicts between work and family but men who believe they have a heavy workload are more likely to leave their jobs than their female counterparts.

Family Friendly Work Policies May Need to Be Refocused
February 5 2003 - Current "family-friendly" policies may need to be refocused to help employees balance work and home life successfully.