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The Top 7 Most Important Reasons to Learn English Right Away

Learn English Right Away

February 11 2020 - Have you ever wondered, "Why is English important?"

Since there are over 6,500 different languages spoken across the world, it's easy to understand why some people may question the importance of English languages in particular.

Do you want to learn the different ways speaking English can benefit you? Keep reading for 10 compelling reasons to learn English.

1. You Can Communicate with Almost Anyone in the World

If you asked anyone around the world, "Do you speak English?" there's a high chance they'd say yes. Although English comes second to Mandarin, there are still over 1.75 billion people who are either native speakers or fluent in it as a second language.

This means that roughly 1 in 4 people across the world know how to speak English. The world may be a big place, but it gets a whole lot smaller when everyone knows how to communicate with each other.

2. Traveling Becomes Much Easier

Since so many people speak English across the world, lots of countries include English translations for signs, announcements, and other important information that can make navigating easier.

If you're able to read English, you can get around fine by paying attention to your surroundings. If your speaking and listening skills are also up to speed, it's comforting to know that you can also get help by simply asking anyone you pass on the street.

3. You'll Have More Exciting Job Opportunities

English speakers and people who can speak more than one language are always in high demand.

Whether you want to move to an English-speaking country and find a new job there or work in a specific field where understanding English is a prerequisite, putting this skill on your resume will make you a much more desirable candidate. Even if your current career aspirations don't require you to know English, learning another language is still a valuable skill that can help you earn a higher wage.

4. You Can Dive into Rich Cultures

If you think about some of the best cultural highlights throughout history, a large portion of that art was composed in English. Although good translations exist, there are always bits of magic that get lost in translation. Learning how to speak English fluently can unlock all kinds of exciting cultures. With so many entertaining books, music, films, and more, you'll never have a dull moment.

Another perk is that you can use entertainment as a way to further your studies. The more you expose yourself to texts and sounds in English, the faster you can learn. Make sure you try your hand at speaking by singing some classic English songs to give yourself a well-rounded education.

5. You Can Understand More Online Content

The internet may be called the worldwide web, but more than 58% of online content is published in English. Although there are convenient web browser extensions that can automatically translate webpages into your native language, it's not always the most accurate way to soak up new information. This is why learning English is an important step toward becoming an engaged global citizen.

6. You Can Study Abroad in Any Country

Are you thinking about applying to college soon? If so, you could get accepted into some of the most prestigious universities around the world if you know how to speak English. Many schools offer classes that are taught in all kinds of languages, but the best way to ensure you get a well-rounded education is to understand English.

7. You'll Have More Opportunities to Make Friends and Date

If you live somewhere that's full of English speakers or you plan on traveling to English-speaking countries, sharing that language will allow you to connect with so many more people.

Being able to converse with people from different backgrounds can enrich your life and world views in surprising ways. Speaking English can also help you find lots of online friends who share common interests with you that may not be common where you live.

8. You Can Join the Scientific Community

If you're passionate about science, then you'll have to learn English to understand research published around the world. Since English is a common language throughout every country, the scientific community writes almost exclusively in this language. This makes it easier to share new findings and have an open discourse across the globe.

9. English Is Fun and Easier to Learn Than You'd Expect

There are plenty of funny examples people share online that demonstrate why English can be a tricky language to master. Although it's true that English comes with its fair share of rules that even make native speakers scratch their heads, the fundamentals are quite easy. Unlike other languages, English has a simple alphabet and neutral words that don't require different accents.

10. You Can Keep Your Brain Healthy as You Age

One of the most interesting reasons why everyone should learn English is that mastering a new language can keep your brain healthy as you age.

Researchers estimate that over 44 million people around the world are living with Alzheimer's and other conditions that affect cognitive abilities. Although there are no proven ways to prevent these diseases, there are ways you can lower your risk and slow down cognitive decline.

Giving your brain a daily workout by learning a new language is one of the best ways you can stay sharp throughout the years.

There Are Plenty of Convincing Reasons to Learn English

If these reasons to learn English have gotten you excited to start studying, the good news is that there are many easy ways you can  begin your journey. From apps to learning websites and in-person English classes, it's never been easier to find a method that works for your learning style and schedule.

Do you want to know other ways you can enrich your life? Explore our site to discover more helpful tips and guides.

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