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Things to Keep in Mind When Running a Business Meeting

January 21 2022 - Business meetings are necessary from time to time when it comes to distributing necessary information to relevant parties within a company. That being said, many people in this day and age view the traditional meeting as a bit of a time-waster. For this reason, meetings tend to only be called when there is no other way of getting out the necessary information and when that information is vital to the success of a company.

If you have recently been called upon to run a meeting, you might start to feel quite a bit of pressure as a result of these facts. You want to ensure that you present all of the necessary information in as clear and concise a manner as possible, and you certainly don't want to end up wasting anyone's time.

The good news is that there are certain ways of approaching the meeting that you have been asked to run that can help you to accomplish these goals. Here are a few of the main things that you will want to keep in mind when running a business meeting so that you can impress your colleagues and superiors while at the same time keeping your eye on the clock.

Practice Your Presenting Skills

Public speaking is considered a professional skill for a reason. Being a good public speaker is not something that everyone can do naturally. Rather, you might be in a situation where it is necessary for you to practice your public speaking skills prior to running your big meeting.

If you are particularly unconfident about public speaking, you might consider a business presentation coaching course. Such a course can go a long way to helping you to brush up on your presentation skills so that you can run an effective and efficient business meeting.

Have an Agenda

One of the biggest mistakes that you could make when preparing to run a business meeting is failing to put together a realistic and accurate agenda for the event. Your agenda is going to be one of the most helpful tools at your disposal when you are trying to keep your business meeting on track.

Unfortunately, when there are a larger number of attendees for your meeting, it is easy to let things get off track with irrelevant questions and tangents. An agenda can help you to avoid this.

Make sure that you have enough hard copies of your agenda for everyone who is taking part in the meeting. This way, everyone can literally stay on the same page for the duration of your presentation.

Set Clear Directives

There might be many reasons why the meeting that you have been asked to run is being held in the first place. However, whatever those reasons may be, there is likely going to be something required of the attendees in terms of a call to action.

Make sure that if you have any recommendations for how to proceed going forward that you lay out your directives as clearly as possible. You don't want to leave any room for interpretation when it is necessary to ask people to change course or complete certain tasks.

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