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5 Public Speaking Tips to Make Friends and Influence Thousands

Public Speaking Tips

January 23 2020 - While many of us have to engage in public speaking, there can be a large amount of anxiety associated with this activity. Do you want to learn more about public speaking tips to perform without stress or errors? Check out this simple guide!

Public Speaking Tips: Excercise Before Practicing Your Speech

One of the most exceptional public speakers of all time was Demosthenes of Athens. Despite having a weak speaking voice, lousy posture, and a lack of confidence, he became a renowned orator. One of the things he did to improve his skills was reciting speeches while running to work on his breathing and rhythm.

This tip is still handy today, as exercising before speaking will simulate the anxiety of speaking in front of a crowd. By performing exercises that get your adrenaline flowing, you will be less nervous when you have to talk. Jordan Harbinger's tips and tricks can help you capture the attention of the whole room.

Public Speaking Tips: Practice Your Speech in Front of Other People

While it is always a good idea to practice your speech beforehand, doing it by yourself is less than ideal. Rather than reciting alone, you should ask your friends, roommates, or loved ones to listen to your speech and give feedback.

Getting some honest commentary can help you avoid making errors when it is time to speak in public. If you are having issues with the language or your physical posture, their input can be constructive in making improvements.

Public Speaking Tips: Record Yourself Speaking to Focus on Verbal Delivery

One of the easiest ways to improve your confidence and delivery when speaking in public is by recording yourself. While both audio and visual recordings can help you make improvements, making a video of your speech will offer you several advantages.

Being able to review your performance will allow you to correct any issues with posture or delivery. You can also figure out whether your facial expressions and gestures are helpful or distracting.

Public Speaking Tips: Consider Using Visual Aids to Help With Audience Engagement

The content and delivery of your speech are crucial, but the use of visual elements can also be a great benefit. Your visual aids can be strictly related to your speech, but they can also be funny and eyecatching.

Visual aids help an audience by helping them to understand the message you are trying to convey. Even a serious speech can be made easier by using the right kind of visual aids.

Public Speaking Tips: Familiarize Yourself With the Area You Will Be Speaking At

One simple yet effective public speaking tip is to visit the stage or room where you will be giving your speech. By becoming familiar with the exits and entrances, you will be able to arrive and depart with confidence. You can also make sure that you are aware of any obstacles or awkward steps.

These Public Speaking Tips Will Help You Perform With Confidence

While speaking in front of groups can be stressful, it doesn't have to be. These public speaking tips will have you delivering speeches with confidence. Check out our website today for more articles like this!

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