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5 Simple Ways Social Media Can Help Your Career

Social media

August 14 2020 - It's estimated that nearly 90% of job-seekers find new positions through networking. With social media, we have a bigger network than ever, but do you know how to use it effectively?

The average social media user has over 600 ties online. Going online and asking them all for a job, however, isn't the best way to jump start your career.

Let's say you've landed your dream job. Social media is still a valuable tool in boosting your online brand and turning you into an indispensable asset.

Wondering how can social media help your career? Follow these five fool-proof tips to take your work to the next level!

1. Start with LinkedIn

There are almost 700 million LinkedIn users. That's no surprise as LinkedIn is the most important social media platform for professionals.

As a social media site devoted to professional representation, locking down a great LinkedIn profile is a must. Look at other people's accounts that you like and use them as a guide to write yours.

Not sure how to improve your LinkedIn profile? Hiring a LinkedIn profile writer is easier and more affordable than ever.

2. Clean up Your Online Presence

We know you have one face you show at the office and another when you're out with your friends. We're not saying you shouldn't document your wild night out with your buddies, just that it's not the first thing that should come up when you Google your name.

If your real name is on your social media accounts, it's a safe bet employers or clients will find it. Clean up your accounts by scrubbing all questionable photos and posts.

3. Create Professional Profiles

Creating profiles that are for professional use only while putting your personal ones on private is a safe bet. That way, you can show your best, most business-oriented face to the world.

Document all of your career moves through these profiles. Build a network of people in a similar field or in fields you're interested in.

4. Join the Discussion

Finding groups that are related to your business is a great way to meet like-minded individuals. It's also an easy way to expand your professional network.

Reach out to these groups for social media tips if you find yourself stuck in your job. Frequently participate in discussions to build authority in your field.

5. Find a New Position

Feeling stuck? You might discover a passion for something or a position that you never knew existed online.

Social media can open the world to you right from the comfort of your living room. Ask friends online about new job opportunities, what they like about their work, or what kind of work they think you would excel at.

How Can Social Media Help Your Career

As you can see, there's tons of great answers to the question "how can social media help your career". These are just a few of the ways to improve your current career or find a new one that you'll love.

Liked learning these great social media networking tips and tricks? Start a conversation online by sharing one of the other great job skills tips articles on our page!

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