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Taking the Next Step: 3 Successful Tips for Finding a Job After College

Job after college

October 14 2020 - You've graduated, yay! Now what?

More than likely, it's time for you to buckle down and start finding a job after college. It's important to remember that your first job in your career path will never be an easy one to land.

However, keep your head up, keep plugging along, and follow these steps to finding a job. You'll get there eventually!

1. It's Someone's Job to Help You Find a Job

You just left college, but that doesn't mean that all of the resources you used to have are all going up in smoke.

Visit a career counselor in your school and talk with them. They'll tell you what people in your industry are looking for in the ideal candidate. Leverage your counselors to help you set up your LinkedIn profile, website, and resume to catch your future employer's eye.

If you don't know what to do after college, your career center can help with that as well. Set up an exploratory interview with your local office and go through your options. You might be surprised by the possibilities that you have open to you.

It's important not to feel trapped by what you "think" you should do; approach your counselor openly and honestly for the best support.

2. Network Like Crazy

Sometimes, it just is all about who you know.

Almost 85% of people reported that networking contributed to a successful job search. That makes networking one of the absolute best answers to "how to find a job" types of questions.

It's pretty common to want a job right away, but building a network takes time, and asking for employment right away is never the right move. Approach your networking indirectly. So, instead of reaching out to companies to ask for a job, reach out to higher-ups within the company and ask if they'll tell you a little bit about how they got where they are.

In a month or two, reach back out to check-in, ask about job openings, or talk more. If someone knows you and likes you, they're more likely to recommend you for employment.

If you don't know what you want to do, it's also okay to reach out to multiple people in many different industries to ask if they would like to talk about what a day in their lives plays out. Finding a job you love is always a process.

3. Find Professional Groups

Joining a professional group not only looks great on a resume, but it's also a great way to network or to build up a support group for after your land the job and start adjusting. Many organizations will have chapters at your college that you can join.

If you can't find the group for you, make one!

Making moves like these will help you move into fields like non-profit work, creative work, and business administration. Go here to learn more about finding a job like these.

Finding a Job After College is Tough: Don't Stop Trying

It's incredibly easy to feel discouraged when you've been searching for a job for months without result. Even if landing your first job out of college does take this long, don't lose hope.

The more professionals you meet, and the more you work to build your portfolio, the more desirable you'll become. Keep pushing, and we're sure your journey to finding a job after college will reach a happy conclusion.

Check out our blog for more if you found these tips for finding a job helpful.

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