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Recruitment Practices

A recent survey by the Institute for Corporate Productivity (i4cp - formerly HRI) in conjunction with has found that 75 per cent of 180 organizations responding either use or plan to use psychological assessment for executive selection and development. Over half (58.3 per cent) currently use such methods, a further 16.7 per cent are considering their implementation.

The survey also found that assessments are used most commonly for selection and development (66.4 per cent), and 51.8 per cent of organizations assess candidates for virtually all senior positions. More than half (52.2 per cent) utilize external psychologists to administer assessments, and almost all employ a mixture of tests and interviews (64.4 per cent) and/or comprehensive assessment centers (43.5 per cent).

Jay Jamrog, senior vice president, research at i4cp said:

"Organizations are placing an increased focus on the development and selection of key talent. Accurately identifying high-performing leaders is critically important when it comes to managing through change in an increasingly competitive global environment. The results of this survey clearly show that organizations are recognizing the demands placed on executives and are using the right tools to assess a leader's abilities to withstand the pressures of high-level jobs."

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Applicants Unhappy With Recruiting Practices

July 19 2006 - A new survey from finds that recruiting costs have risen and efficiency has decreased despite a growth in organizations applying New Quality measurement from 2% of participating organizations to 40%. Moreover, it appears that applicants are increasingly unhappy with the recruitment and retention practices they encounter.'s Staffing Performance Report series includes industry specific reports intended to help organizations compare their performance data with their competitors. The industries include:

  • Banking
  • Consulting
  • Government
  • Healthcare - Hospitals
  • Hospitality
  • Insurance
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail
  • Services - Non-profit
  • Services - Profit
  • Technology
  • Transportation

The views of hundreds of employees and job seekers, positive and negative, are included to provide what describe as a fuller snapshot of surviving the work-a-day world.

The average time taken to fill open positions across all the industries surveyed increased from 51.5 days to 53 days. Banking was the fastest, taking an average of 19 days to hire for retail positions. The Biotech and Pharmaceutical industry was the slowest, averaging 198 days to fill open positions.

"By learning what it takes to hire the right person the first time, industries are improving their New Hire Quality and decreasing their New Hire Costs across the board," Nick Burkholder, founder of said. "By employing good communication and a clear process, second tier organizations are now out recruiting top tier organizations in catching the best available candidates."

"The job market is easing, and new opportunities are opening up particularly for top level positions, and workers seeking the opportunity for more professional development or career advancement beyond what is possible in their current position are out there looking," he said. "Retaining the best and the brightest is going to become increasingly more challenging, and only those organizations that choose to work hard to keep the best people they have will succeed."

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