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Job Seekers Want Money And Job Security

August 20 2006 - Senior managers believe that pay and job security are the most important factors when workers consider job offers according to a recent survey developed by Robert Half Finance & Accounting. 27 per cent of chief financial officers (CFOs) polled believed that salary was the biggest consideration for prospective new hires and 24 per cent highlighted company stability. The results were similar to a 2001 survey asking the same question.

Over 1,400 CFOs from a stratified random sample of U.S. companies with 20 or more employees were asked, "In your opinion, which one of the following is the most important consideration for job candidates today when evaluating employment offers?" CFOs responsed:

Salary level
Stability of the company
Work environment/corporate culture
Career advancement opportunities
Equity incentives/stock options
Don't know/no answer

"Businesses that have a successful track record and offer competitive compensation are at an advantage during the hiring process," said Max Messmer, chairman and CEO of Robert Half International Inc. and author of Human Resources Kit For Dummies(R) (John Wiley & Sons, Inc.). "Employers should emphasize all the factors that distinguish their firms, such as exceptional pay and benefits, a history of stability and growth, and a supportive corporate culture."

Max Messmer considers that small and newly emerging businesses that cannot afford premium salaries can highlight their other qualities such as the strength of their leadership team. "The best candidates tend to base at least part of their employment decisions on how much they can learn on the job. During the recruiting process, hiring managers are selling potential employees as much on their own experience and management style as on the other features that make the firm a great place to work."

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