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Multiple Internet Identities: Keeping Track

March 9 2012 - In the 2003 motion picture, Identity, the lead character portrayed by American actor John Cusack underwent a harrowing adventure when confronted by an unusual set of characters encountered in a small motel along a highway in somewhere, USA. These characters were all very diverse and seemingly unrelated to each other as they met through happenchance. As the plot of the film unravels (spoiler alert!) the characters all seemingly belong to the unfortunate affects of a dissociative personality disorder suffered by one individual.

While many people do not suffer from such maladies, a growing number of internet users have split themselves into multiple personalities (albeit web-based) to conduct day-to-day business. While the use of profiles, passwords and social media sites remain common-place in internet-based modern culture, the rise of identity thieves has risen hand-in-hand with increased web usage. The cost of identity-related theft also continues to impact both businesses and individuals through the loss of revenue, income and increased personal hardship related to the use of appropriated information.

In service to concerned web users, private organizations, public entities and individual lawmakers have joined the effort to curtail identity theft. Private organizations, such as the popular LifeLock identity protection service have introduced complimentary measures to protect web-based identities and prevent damage to web-based commerce and activity.

As the reality of web-based crime pushes to the forefront, public officials have also chimed in with legislative measures and attempts to raise public awareness on the government's position regarding the combat of identity theft.

These measures combined with the general impact felt by the victims of identity theft sees a measured shift internet security and the risks associated with web-commerce and general web activity.

References Deseret News: Bill seeks to curb identity theft:

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