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What HR Can Learn from Project Management Tools

October 20 2019 - Anyone working in Human Resources understands just how broad and far reaching their tasks are. You do everything from canvasing for new job candidates to hiring to firing and outboarding, and of course, everything in between. You have so many things to do that sometimes there just arenít enough hours in the day to get everything done. This is where you might want to learn from the ways in which project managers keep their people on task in order to get jobs done well and on time. Letís look at some of the things your HR team can learn from the project management tools project managers use.

Needs Are a Top Priority

One of the very important things you can learn from project managers is that they donít begin working with a project that has already been created and named. They take the time to understand what is needed and how those needs can be met. Then they analyze what it will take to get the job done as quickly as possible to meet those needs or solve problems as needed. Why not start with quarterly goals using the same methodology? Check out the leading project management tools and software that will help you identify and solve problems. In other words, find project management software that will help you define and follow your progress as your team works to meet those goals. Whether it is in staffing or training, use the same needs-oriented tools that project managers use and watch how easy it becomes to complete goals timely.

The Fine Art of Delegation

Once you have defined your tasks and set goals, you realize you canít do everything by yourself. According to HR directors polled, they find that they are spending so much time meeting the needs of the company that they donít have time to do tasks directly related to people. They are working with facts and figures passed down from above and in so doing, find that training and finding top talent is sometimes left too late. Here is where that project management tool mentioned above comes in handy. Learn to delegate tasks to members of your team and work that into your goal-oriented plan. There isnít a project manager on earth who hasnít learned the fine art of delegation to get all the smaller tasks done while they oversee the Ďbig picture.í

In this day of digital technology, many of the routine tasks you tackle daily can be handled by AI and software which are the crux of what project management tools are all about. Delegate responsibilities for various tasks which must be done and then you will have both technology and people working together to get those needs and goals met smoothly and timely. What can HR learn from project management tools? That would be how to use technology to help you chart and follow goals once they have been set while delegating tasks to team members to give you time and space to oversee any project at hand. Whether itís recruitment or outboarding, any goal can be met with efficient project management tools.

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