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How Outsourcing Helps Your Employees

December 4 2019 - Outsourcing is the increasingly popular business strategy that looks to move certain key business tasks, processes and operations to external providers. From small businesses to large, multinational corporations, outsourcing is a fantastic alternative to hiring and training new staff or employees that, under the right circumstances and carefully managed, can help to save the company lots of money while increasing profitability.

In this article we'll take a look some of the ways outsourcing not only benefits your business but can also help your employees too.

Focusing on key business activities

One of the key inevitabilities of success is that as you grow, so do the number of critical business tasks. The busier you get, the more the strain on your financial and human resources, leading to a dilution of productivity amongst key staff as they start to spread themselves too thinly across a variety of tasks and departments and further away from the key roles that helped make the company a success in the first place. This isn't great for profitability or employee morale. Sometimes, letting these extra, seasonal tasks go out to a third-party contractor can alleviate this burden on your staff, making them far happier and more productive in the process.

Example: Your business readies itself to deploy your new web application and handle the potential increase in the volume of sales. Why not outsource some of the usability or accessibility testing to a professional team such as and let your staff focus on what they do best, converting sales?

Flexible working conditions

As the business calendar progresses, you tend to find that certain tasks get a lot heavier at certain times of year, putting a big strain on key staff and the teams they work with. Outsourcing offers an opportunity to support existing staff by widening their teams when times are busy and releasing the third party resource when things calm down again.

Example: A typical example is when it's time to get those taxes done. And outsourced accountancy firm might be able to alleviate the extra work at that time of year and help things run smoothly through the busy phase.

Developing existing staff

Your core team might be amazing at what they do, but that doesn't mean they can be skilled at everything. Outsourcing can be a great opportunity to help your staff to acquire and develop new key skills that benefit both them and your business to retain new skill sets. Perhaps a big project is imminent and you need to outsource some key skills to get the job done on budget and in time; highly skilled contractors working alongside your existing staff can help your incumbent team to learn new skills at the same time.

Example: A large project demands the design and deployment of some purpose built equipment that lies outside of the skill set of your existing team. You bring in a team of outsourced engineers with the skills to help facilitate the job and your people get to up-skill as they work alongside them.

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