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Focusing on customer service to achieving growth

November 26 2019 - Sales maximization, profit maximization, advertising, and digital marketing are all priorities that tend to be top of the list for businesses looking to achieve growth. Although they are the fundamental ingredients to reaching new heights, providing quality customer service tends to be overlooked and it could be the crucial factor that separates your business from the rest. Contrary to popular belief, your customer service should receive just as much, if not more attention than these business elements. Hereís why.

A quality customer service molds your brand identity

The image that you have of your brand may be different from what your customers are thinking since, after all, they canít get into your head. Your customer service team are essentially the brand ambassadors of your firm, meaning that are they have a lot of responsibility as to whether they leave a positive or a negative impression. This could be the difference between a customer choosing your company over other competitors. Without a customer service team, you have no way of directly communicating with your customer base.

Word of mouth marketing

The rise of technology and, consequentially, social media has made everyone more interconnected than ever, so take advantage of it. Providing excellent customer service will only encourage some to spread their positive experiences at your company with friends, family, and colleagues. This can go a long way since word of mouth marketing is deemed as being one of the most powerful marketing tools, and has the potential to set off a chain reaction.

A more satisfied customer service team will work harder to exceed expectations and those happy customers will refer your business to family and friends. The golden ticket is for them to share their positive experiences on social media, which will spread and raise the prestige of your firm like wildfire.

Improves customer loyalty

Customers that have a great experience at your business have no reason to go elsewhere. Itís a lot more cost-effective to retain an old customer than attain a new one. The crux here is that the higher a customerís lifetime value, the higher the revenue a company can expect to generate from that customer over the course of the relationship. What does this mean? Higher profits.

Having a special customer loyalty program will drastically improve your chances of achieving closer relationships with your customer base.

Discovering more about your customers

Encouraging your customer service team to foster closer relationships with customers is pivotal when trying to achieve customer loyalty. Simple tactics, like sending out customer satisfaction surveys are a simple but effective way of getting to know your customers better. This method can help you understand how they perceive your brand, enabling you to align your marketing efforts more effectively.

Charging a price premium

Customers are more likely and willing to spend more money with a brand where theyíve had a positive shopping experience. The relationship is reciprocal. You provide them with a positive customer experience and they reward you with more expenditure. Itís all about trust here. Living in this era, where customer service is now becoming the focal point for many companies, any choosing not to prioritize it runs the risk of falling behind the rest.

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