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How to Start a Construction Company

August 16 2022 - Construction is a complex field to start a business in, with a large amount of prior knowledge needed to ensure that safe and efficient practice is adhered to, not to mention very high start-up costs.

If you have both, then you are in a very good position to get started with your venture. Your next jobs are to choose a specialization, consider how large your staff body is going to be, get your company insured, and build up a solid and reliable customer base.

Choose a Specialization

While general construction companies do exist, many prefer to specialize in a particular type of construction. As a new business, it is unlikely that you will be looking to specialize in huge projects, such as sports stadiums or skyscrapers, but that does not mean that your options are limited.

Small building renovators, infrastructure construction, low-level residential builds, and green building specialists are all types of construction that are desperate for more investment.

Green building is a type of construction that would put your company at the forefront of innovation - the buildings use less water and energy to build than usual constructions and they can often be used to increase biodiversity.

Consider Staffing Costs

Depending on how much you are looking to invest in the company from the very beginning, your next decision will be the size of your workforce.

Many construction companies are successfully started with just one or two employees. A simple renovation job is easily possible with only a handful of workers, as are small garden projects, or local infrastructure support works.

It may be useful to enlist the help of an accountant for assessing this part of your business, as you must strike the right balance between having enough staff to be successful and not starting with so many salaried workers that the business loses money.

Prepare Necessary Documentation

Always be prepared. A reliable construction company will have all the necessary documentation and certification to prove that they are qualified, safe, and legally responsible, and should not try and operate without such assurances.

These include proper building contracts, approvals, appliance manuals, warranties and insurance. Different types of insurance exist, so speaking to an expert at will help you choose the right cover and get a quote straight away for liability, contents, risk, automobile, and floater insurances.

Begin to Build Your Customer Base

Once everything is in place for your business to start operating, it doesn’t take a veteran construction worker to know that the final missing ingredient is customers.

If you can be flexible, it helps to set up a business in a city that is encouraging new businesses - this could be down to their population, their taxation, or their innovation. Whether you choose to do this or simply start in your hometown, begin working on your customer base before you have even launched.

This can be done by digital marketing, particularly through social media, as well as by word of mouth and flyers.


Everything is now set for you to launch your construction company. Always remember to operate safely and to review your documentation and insurance regularly.

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