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How Insurance For Yoga Instructors Can Be a Benefit

November 26 2019 - Are you thinking of becoming a yoga instructor, or are you one already? If so, then you are probably well aware of what factors you need to consider before you get started - what equipment you need, the music, plus how and when youíll teach classes, for instance. If insurance isnít on your list, then you should add it as soon as possible. Having cover as a yoga instructor is vital for you, as it could be the difference between having a successful business or dealing with expensive legal fees.

Hereís how it can benefit you.

You can teach as you learn

Yes, even as a beginner teacher, you can teach yoga while youíre still in training - however, youíll need to get insurance first. This could be worthwhile for you if youíre on a long-term course, such as one that lasts 18 months.

So, if you get cover as a student teacher, then you can practice what youíre learning as you train. You can put that teaching theory into teaching skills, and youíll already have some experience by the time that you finish your course. The cost will, of course, vary depending on the level of cover you receive. However, you will need to get yoga teacher insurance for the rest of your yoga teaching career - so this is a good opportunity for you to get used to it.

You will be protected

Even if you take the correct precautions and have safeguards in place, injuries can happen because of a number of unpredictable circumstances. These can even be caused by a studentís prior injury or preexisting condition. Many other industries use the protection that liability insurance offers them, and you deserve to have this yourself. It offers you financial protection in the event of a lawsuit, which can be expensive - even when youíre not negligent and the ruling goes in your favor. This means that you and your business are not put at risk, either.

Your venue may require it

It may be that the school or studio that you carry out your classes may require you to have your own liability insurance, so it may be easier to find jobs if you have cover anyway. You could even get insurance that covers you at multiple sites, if you work at different venues throughout the week.

Donít assume your site has cover

If you work for a gym or studio, check to see if their insurance covers you. Itís probably sensible for you to have your own liability cover, even if the site doesnít insist on it. Also check if the venue has public liability cover to take care of risks to people using the site.

If you own a gym or studio, then you should have employersí liability when you have other people working for you. You should also consider cover such as public liability, plus buildings and contents insurance. These may be covered by an all-risks business policy but, if you want teachersí liability cover, this may need to be separate.

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