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How to Improve Marketing for Your Small Business:
Training Your Employees on the Best Techniques

September 11 2019 - One of the hardest challenges many businesses face is using the correct marketing techniques to gain new customers. As there is so much competition out there, being able to stand out from the competition is easier said than done; however, marketing is essential for every business' chance of survival. If you are looking for ways to train your marketing employees with the best techniques, you have come to the right place to improve your chances of getting spotted by new customers.

While you may already have a basic marketing plan in operation, it would be a good idea to start thinking about how you can step it up a gear with the following tips:

1. Learn from your competitors

If you're aware you have big competitors in your field, there's no reason why you shouldn't research them and find out how they get their name out there. Find out what they're doing to attract new customers. If you're currently using older marketing techniques such as cold calling or leafleting, it's probably time you took a leaf out of your competitor's book if you have any chance of staying on their level.

Competitors may be using Facebook ads to market their products to a wider audience or using social media influencers to promote their products to a target audience. If these types of strategies are working for them, there's no reason why they can't work for you.

2. Get testimonials

Before people buy something, they often want to read the reviews of a product or service to know whether it's worth parting with their cash for. They also want to know whether your product is better than what your competitors are offering. You'll no doubt be able to attract far more customers if you allow them to leave reviews on your website about what they thought of the product and the service you delivered. A Web Design Birmingham company can create your ideal website and integrate the review tool within your landing pages, if desired.

So, how do you encourage customers to leave reviews? If they purchase online, leave a business card in the package you send out with instructions on how to do so, or send an email with all the details they need. If you talk to customers in person, you have the opportunity to ask them directly.

3. A social media presence

There aren't many businesses who aren't turning to social media to gain a wider following. While you may already have a Facebook, Twitter and Instagram account set up, this simply isn't enough to get the attention you're looking for.

If you have no experience in social media marketing, you need to be aware of the basics and the benefits. Be sure to post fresh and relevant content on a frequent basis to keep your audience entertained, and balance the number of posts that are product-based with those that are more generalized, so you don't end up portraying a hard sell.

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