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What Topics Do You Need to Include in Employee Training?

June 10 2019 - Employee training is one of the most critical parts of the induction of an employee into the workplace, and yet many employers do not provide sufficient training needed for employees to excel in their new roles. In fact, some key elements of employee training are often overlooked by employers when creating programs, some of which will be detailed below.

Security & Health and Safety

The vast majority of business operations are now conducted on the internet, with businesses selling and running solely online. It means that if your computer systems are hacked or online theft occurs, your business can lose money and see a reduction in productivity, as well as leaving your company vulnerable. Therefore, it is crucial that you can provide your employees with basic training on the best ways to keep the company safe online, such as securing passwords, protecting data, and enacting the right security measures to ensure that the business is thriving and does not fall victim to theft or fraud. As a business, online security is of utmost importance, which why you need to not only install the latest cybersecurity measures but also make sure every employee is adequately trained in the best security practices. Security measures, including firewalls and multi-factor authentication, should be used throughout the company. Watchguard Online can provide such solutions, along with firewall health checks to ensure your security is up-to-date and working effectively.

Legally, you have to provide health and safety training for your employees and give them all of the information and supervision that they need for them to be able to stay safe within the workplace. However, many businesses fail to provide comprehensive training regularly around this subject, making it easy for employees to forget the specifics or the most updated procedure. Therefore, you should provide health and safety training with regularly updated information and training days throughout your employees@ tenure at your firm. This training should include safety hazards in the workplace, health and safety solutions, what to do in an emergency such as a fire, and how to report emergencies and injuries if they take place.

Employee Wellness & Company Culture

Making sure that your employees are happy and healthy within the workplace is vital as this ensures that your employees are well cared for. It is also beneficial for businesses as this helps employees stay motivated and productive. You should be active when it comes to protecting your employees mental and physical wellbeing by providing training. Additionally, you should hold quarterly meetings with employees to discuss any problems that they may be facing, including stress. To encourage employee wellness, you should consider inviting guest speakers who can discuss with your employees the importance of speaking out, while making other changes to your workplace such as reducing chair time, encouraging healthy eating, and creating smoke-free areas.

You should also instill a sense of company culture in your employees during training by teaching your employees your company aims and the morale behind your company. Doing so will ensure that employees have the right attitude towards their work and that they know the expectations that you have of them before they enter the workplace.

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