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Attitudes to AI in the workplace

February 14 2024 - Artificial Intelligence has become the topic of the moment, including implications for HR and the workforce. Global learning technology company D2L surveyed 3,000 full- and part-time employees in the U.S. about the way they used generative AI tools and how they thought AI would impact their careers. The survey showed significant difference between the generations.

Almost two-thirds (60%) of all those surveyed said that they wanted to use generative AI tools more frequently in their work over the next year. Many reported that they were already using AI inside and outside of work:

  • Almost half (49%) said they were using generative AI tools at least once a week at work
  • 52% said they used these tools outside the workplace
  • But 37% said they never did so

Concern about skills

However, the survey also showed that younger employees were more apprehensive about the potential impact of AI on their jobs:

  • 43% of all generations were concerned that another employee with better generative AI skills might replace them in the next year
  • Gen Z respondents were the most worried with over a half (52%) saying they felt worried about being replaced by someone with better generative AI skills compared to 45% of Millennial workers
  • Gen X workers were the least concerned. Just 33% said they thought that they could be replaced by more skilled employees.
  • Over all, 56% felt that employees who use generative AI tools to do their work more effectively should get a higher salary

Skills development

Younger employees were more likely to say they intended to take multiple professional development courses over the next 12 months. A quarter of Gen Z (26%) and Millennial respondents said they planned enrolling in six to 10 courses over the next year. Just 12% of Gen X respondents said the same.

Dr. Sasha Thackaberry, VP of Wave at D2L said:

"What this new data suggests is that there's an opportunity for employers to help workers better prepare themselves for the future and to give people the confidence that they can continue to make a meaningful contribution in their roles."

"Skills development - whether it's on using generative AI more efficiently, or simply upskilling to stay ahead of change - is crucial for workers to keep up with the rapidly changing landscape of work."

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