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Global IT skills

April 1 2002 - A recent report from Brainbench shows some surprising details about the distribution of information technology skills around the world. Brainbench is a major provider of online skills testing with over 3.5 million registered users worldwide.

The Global IT IQ Report confirms that India has a strong IT skills base but also reveals that Brazil, Australia, Romania, Israel and South Africa are now regional leaders in the concentration of certified IT professionals.

Regional Breakdown


- South Africa is the continent leader in the number of certified IT professionals with more than 2,600 in 2001. Nigeria came a distant second with 405 certifications last year.


- Australia ranks first in Asia and the Pacific Rim. Indonesia, the Philippine and Singapore are rapidly developing a critical mass of IT professionals. Vietnam is another country to watch with more certifications than China.


- Romania outpaces even the United Kingdom with Bulgaria placed a strong third. Germany, Latvia and Sweden are virtually tied for fourth place.

Middle East

- Israel leads the Middle East, but the United Arab Emirates ranks second with almost 1,500 certified professionals. Yemen ranks last in the region for 2001, while Iran has more than 500 certifications in the same period, placing it number six in the region.

Russia Federation and Newly Independent States

- Russia and the Newly Independent States (NIS) placed well, with the Russian Federation having the highest number of certified professionals, followed by the Ukraine.

South America

- Brazil leads the continent in the number of certified IT professionals, however, despite its economic woes, Argentina is a strong number two. Venezuela and Colombia are in a virtual tie for third place. Cuba, an economic and political outcast, comes fourth.

South Asia

- In 2001, India is the clear leader in South Asia and second in the world, with more than 145,000 IT certifications awarded. Pakistan came a distant second, with just over 8,000 certifications earned, followed by Bangladesh and Afghanistan.

Brainbench's President and Chief Executive Officer Mike Russiello said:

"The report shows the worldwide IT talent pool is increasing - and changing - at a rapid pace. As the leader in online certification, we also believe that IT professionals worldwide are increasingly viewing online certification as an important tool for their economic advancement. Clearly, for them it is one of the most viable opportunities to claim their place in the global economy."

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