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Four Reasons to Study Marketing for Business Success

April 8 2021 - Whether you already have a job or not, if you want a career in business, itís a great idea to learn more about marketing and public relations (PR). Studying marketing and PR at college is a great way to do this, and there are so many benefits to it. Here are four reasons why you should consider a degree in marketing if you want a successful career in a business.

1) Learn the Theory...

A BS in marketing and public relations at Marian University, Wisconsin, will set you up for professional life by providing extensive theoretical knowledge of how businesses work and succeed.

Degrees in marketing and PR donít just offer information about the specifics of marketing; they also allow you to develop your knowledge of how businesses work more generally, meaning that youíll be set up for a career in any area of business.

Math and finance, the ins and outs of the latest computer software, business ethics, the principles of management, and business law - these are just some of the classes and topics you could cover at Marian University, providing you with a strong foundation in all things business.

2) ...And Put It into Practice

Quality colleges will also provide extensive opportunity for hands-on work experience, allowing you to graduate with a fleshed-out rťsumť.

Consider taking an internship while you study to gain practical experience and essential contacts for your later career. Many colleges also allow you to use internship experience as credits for your degree.

Learning business theory is one thing, but having a strong understanding of how marketing and PR work in the real-world working environment is vital for success, and top universities will allow you to graduate with both.

3) Communication is Key

Learning everything there is to know about PR and marketing will allow you to fine-tune your communication skills, and in reality, a huge part of business success comes down to effective communication.

Talking and listening to people is so important for day-to-day business operations, but so is written communication such as email and memos, presentations, and customer-facing copy.

By studying marketing and PR, youíll learn the specifics of writing effective copy, but youíll also benefit from working closely with others on your course. Developing the Ďsoft skillí of communication is often overlooked as a key benefit of studying marketing, but itís a huge benefit of taking a degree.

4) Build Your Awareness of Brands

Brand awareness is a term thatís usually used to mean the general publicís knowledge and understanding of a brand, but in this instance, think of it as meaning your own awareness of how other companies build their brands.

Studying at college will let you focus on existing brands and the branding techniques they use. What has been successful? What has failed? What could be better if applied to a different type of company?

By learning to be critical and observant of the brands you encounter on a daily basis, you can figure out what to do and what not to do when it comes to establishing a recognizable brand name.

Studying marketing and PR at college is a fantastic way to prepare for a career in business. Youíll gain both the practical skills and theoretical knowledge you need to be successful as an employee or a business owner.

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