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4 Jobs You Can Get With a Foreign Language Degree

Foreign language degree

April 29 2022 - While most students in Europe learn a second language, there are still far fewer US students taking these types of courses.

Learning a foreign language can lead to a lot of benefits in life, including better memory, improved tolerance, and increased problem-solving skills.

Did you know that foreign languages are needed in almost all sectors of work as well? Your choice to start majoring in a foreign language can be hugely beneficial for your future career!

If you want to know what sort of job you can get with a foreign language degree, keep reading below!

1. Foreign Correspondent

A correspondent is a person that has news reports or commentary for a publication or type of media network from a faraway location.

A foreign correspondent specifically is a type of correspondent that will report from other countries, and if you have experience with a language, you'll likely be sent to those regions to work on news stories. Often, foreign correspondents will have specific "beats" that they will focus on (like the economy of that country or a war/conflict in the region).

2. International Marketing

Do you love the idea of persuading people? Marketing may be your calling.

International marketing executives are in charge of developing marketing strategies that support sales of products and services in other countries or global markets.

Depending on the type of company you do this work for, you'll be able to design, develop, execute, and track entire marketing campaigns with the help of your foreign language degree.

3. Language Translator

Translators are in charge of converting one language into a second language. Generally, translators focus specifically on written materials, and they want to make people read the translation as if it were in that second language from the start.

This can be a hard field to get into since so many foreign language experts work with a translator job, but you should learn more about how to make your CV and resume stand out to get a better leg up if this is your chosen career path.

4. Language Teacher

If you've wanted to teach a language to middle school or high school students, a foreign language degree can be part of that career path. In addition, you can become an ESL teacher if English is your native language.

Some people even go to teach languages overseas after they complete their degree, so if teaching is your passion, a language degree may be the right first step toward these foreign language careers.

Earn Your Own Foreign Language Degree Today

Learning a new language and getting a foreign language degree can take a lot of determination, but it's worth it in the long run. You have access to certain careers that others won't be qualified for, and you can really take your language skills to the next level.

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