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Job seekers spend 7 hours a week looking at recruitment ads

April 25 2003 - 60% of job seekers in a recent survey said they averaged seven hours per week reviewing recruitment advertisements. The New York Times Job Market survey also found that that they responded to an average of 69 job listings posted either online or in newspapers.

The survey was conducted by Beta Research Corporation who interviewed 250 hiring managers and 200 job seekers by telephone in the New York metropolitan area. They defined job seekers as people currently looking or plannning to look for a new job in the next six months.

Job seekers were equally divided in their responses about spending more time searching online job boards (49%) versus print recruitment advertisements (49%). Of all resources available to them, job seekers say that they have responded to online job listings (60%) and print advertisements (59%) during their current job search.

Recruitment & Resume Screening

Hiring managers say they typically use the following sources to fill positions from outside their organizations and to identify the highest quality candidates:

Trade publications
Online job boards
Company's Web site
Typically Used

Best Candidates


* Companies with 100+ employees are more likely to say this.

Hiring managers from organizations with fewer than 100 employees said they spend an average of three hours per week screening resumes. Managers at companies with 100+ employees said they spend an average of six hours per week screening resumes.

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