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5 Examples of Resumes That Stand Out From the Crowd

Stand Out Resume

April 9 2023 - The key to a successful job hunt is perfecting your resume. You don't need to be the complete package. Sometimes, it just needs to stand out.

Surveys prove many hiring managers only spend a minute or less looking at your resume. You have to grab their attention within those few seconds. The question is, how?

Here are five examples of resumes and a guide on how to make them striking! Read on!

1. Keep It Simple

Some people use long paragraphs to explain the nature of their position. Even though it helps, it's not ideal for a recruiter that scans hundreds of applications.

If you want to be sure they see your key skills, keep it simple and concise. Make the details easy to read and understand in one go. It should also be relevant to the position you're applying for.

An example of a good resume includes a summary of your skills supported by bullet points of your experience.

2. Increase Visual Appeal

It's easy to get carried away with choosing a template. You will find styles that really stand out, but your content is the highlight. Use visually appealing templates that simplify your information and highlight your skills.

Excellent resume examples usually follow these design guidelines:

  • Appropriate font
  • Consistent style
  • Equal font size and spacing
  • Adequate margin
  • Short, straightforward details

If you're applying for a creative job, you might get away with a colorful resume. But for most industries, keep it minimal to avoid overwhelming your recruiter.

3. Include a Cover Letter

Some employers ask you to include a cover letter when you submit your resume. When you write it, note that your recruiter uses it to see how your background makes you fit for the job.

It includes information you usually don't need to include in your resume, such as your motivation and interest in the job.

Try AI sites like if you need a quick cover letter sample. These customize it based on the job you're applying for.

4. Use Keywords

If you're applying for a job in different industries, a single resume won't always suffice.

So, you might have to tailor your resume to each company to let them know you offer what they need. You can achieve this by using resume keywords based on the job.

An example of a job resume for customer service might include words like data entry, customer tracking, or communication skills. For a content writer, you might find search engine optimization, backlinking, or storytelling.

5. Always Proofread

Before anything else, your resume is all your employer knows about you. A single mistake makes a great impact on whether they consider hiring you.

So never forget to proofread! Make sure you highlight valuable details and fix grammatical or formatting errors. You can also have someone go over an example of your resume summary before you finalize it.

Use These Tips and Examples of Resumes to Create Your Own

When you go through examples of resumes, you'll find at least one common thing about them. Most of the time, they are concise and simple. And sometimes, that's all you need to make your resume stand out!

So, why wait? Start today!

Check out our website if you want to learn more like these.

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