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Common Features to Include on a Resume

August 19 2022 - While the modern world of the jobs market has continued to develop - particularly over the past decade with the advent of increased digital capabilities - a solid resume is still a central way of making sure that you land the position that you are looking for. While this may well vary greatly depending on the specific field that you are involved in, there is no doubt that there are certain skills that can transfer across the board. Letís examine a few of them in more detail right here and now.

Great Communication Skills

When you are looking through different resume examples, it is more than likely that you are going to keep seeing great communication skills springing up repeatedly. These are central to the formation of solid team environments, as well as forming a central component of being able to reach out to customers. Of course, means of communication are always changing, but the importance of keeping them strong remains the same.


This is something that you may not have to explicitly mention on your resume, but it should certainly be shining through everything that you are putting into the document. Employers want to see that you have the necessary levels of passion and enthusiasm for the job role that you are putting yourself forwards for. Otherwise, they are more than likely to pass over to another candidate that is displaying more of what they are looking for.


While people tend to no longer be in job roles that last for life, there is still something to be said for making sure that commitment levels remain high. Ultimately, an employer will want to see that you are coming on board for the cause, and you are ready and willing to bring great things to their organization. The ability to demonstrate this commitment needs to be self-evident in what you are putting forwards on your resume.

Team Spirit

While employers are looking to bring you on board as an individual, they also want to know that you are going to be bringing a certain level of team spirit along with you. This means that you need to talk about times in the past in which you have gelled as part of a team - or if you are going for a management position - times that you have successfully led a group and driven it always in the best possible direction.


It is increasingly the case that employers are after a good degree of creativity, and they are more than willing to search for candidates that can demonstrate this particular attribute. So, make sure that you are putting it right at the forefront of all that you are doing on your resume.

There you have just some of the features that you certainly need to make sure that you are putting out on your resume to create a well-rounded document that appeals to all sorts of employers. By including these aspects, youíll have a much better chance of making it to the interview stage.

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