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How to Recruit People that Stick Around

October 26 2021 - Any business must avoid a high staff turnover rate as it wastes time, loses money, and prevents employee loyalty. The question is, how do you ensure your staffís working experience is good enough for them to not want to leave? To hire people that stick around for a long time, keep on reading.

Ensure a Smooth Hiring Process

To make sure new staff get a good impression of the business, you must make the hiring process as smooth as possible. While some paperwork might be inevitable, you donít want to overload your new employee with endless hoops to jump through. Plus, you should avoid wasting the time of those you donít end up hiring.

For a smooth hiring process, Application Tracking Software is a must. By using this software, you donít have to spend hours sifting through endless employees, which means you wonít waste too much of peopleís time. Youíll get straight to the candidates you are interested in, ensuring the ones you hire are good for business.

Introduce Them to the Team

People are less likely to stick around if they donít feel that they fit in with the other employees on board. For this reason, itís crucial to introduce new hires to the team as a whole as soon as possible. Start by introducing them to everyone at once, and then introduce people one on one as you show the new staff member the work area. This little ice breaker will help them fit in with everyone sooner.

Provide Ample Workspace

When hiring people, you must understand that you need to appeal to them as much as they must appeal to you, which is why you should provide a great workspace. A dingy, small desk in a corner wonít suffice for most people - you need to give them plenty of space so that they feel comfortable at work. After all, that is where theyíll spend a large chunk of the day, so they need to enjoy their surroundings!

Offer Development Routes

Most people donít want to work in a stagnant career. By offering development opportunities, you show candidates and new hires that you are a business worth sticking with. They are less likely to look for other jobs if they know there is a bright future working for you.

Be Flexible

Not everyone finds the usual nine to five, five-day-a-week structure a good fit. Some staff members may have young children to go home to, and some may work better during different times. Depending on the role itself, consider offering more flexibility with the job to encourage people to stick around. If a job is computer-based, you could even†offer remote work†- some people will produce better work this way.

Pay Them Well

Possibly the best way to get people to stick around is to pay them what they are worth. No matter how friendly the team is or how stimulating the role is, if they donít make enough money, theyíll quickly start looking elsewhere. Itís worth the extra cost to keep loyal and talented staff at the company.

By employing people who stick around, you will end up with excellent employees who are an asset to the business.

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