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8 Unique Product Releases Of 2020 For Recruiters

By Sunny Chawla

Product releases

August 14 2020 - Recruitment is a complex process to execute. For a recruiter it brings in a new challenge with every vacancy. To engage into and identify potential employees, communicate jobs, explain organizational attributes to potential employees and convince qualified individuals to apply for existing openings within the organization is a task no less. Being in the shoes of a recruiter and getting individuals with apt knowledge skills and abilities (known as KSA's appear) to come on board is a challenge you would face everyday.

It's a grueling area to be into but as a professional recruiter, you might already be aware of the importance of recruitment and a proper way to test a potential candidate. Thanks to developers every year new software and technologies are released based on the market requirement to make the hiring process a lot simpler. And you must be aware of such products.

This will help you make the hiring process a lot simpler, taking off a lot of manual load from your shoulders. Knowing about these new products is like knowing the new trends in the recruitment world and every business would prefer to have a recruiter who knows about these products rather than someone who has no idea about the latest tech in their own industry.

So, if you are also looking for such an awesome recruiter then donít waste time and go on to contact leading execu search recruiters. They are professional recruiters with outstanding skills and experience and will provide you with the best candidates for every department, in the given time frame. They have a large network of connections around the world, which helps them accomplish this feat, so make sure to give them help to recruit your team of professionals.

However, if you are a beginner or even a professional recruiter looking for the latest products in recruitment to aid you up a bit and have that go getter attitude, then we suggest going through these 8 unique product releases of 2020 for recruiters. Go check them out:


If you are a professional looking for a job or even a recruiter looking for a potential candidate then you must join Linkedin. Linkedin is a social media platform for all professionals to interact with each other. LinkedIn provides a lot of benefits for all the professionals using it irrespective of the fact if they are looking for a job or if they are looking for an employee.

Nowadays if anyone wants a job or if any recruiter wants to hire some employees, the first thing that they do is post it on LinkedIn. To be fair if you are a recruiter and you are not using LinkedIn then you are really missing out on a lot of things. Recently, LinkedIn even introduced a new feature that could help the recruiter look for potential candidates a lot more easily.

Recommended matches allow the recruiter to easily get their hands on the top 25 candidates that suit the job requirement of their posts. Apart from this they also make it a lot easier to interact with candidates and update their list based on daily interactions between the recruiter and potential candidates. Now, since a lot of people use LinkedIn, it would simply be a waste if you as a recruiter are not utilizing it for your benefits. So, make sure that you create a strong network on this platform as it's really going to be beneficial for you.

Measure NHS in Product

Smart recruiters recently released a product extensibility update that enables hiring based on a strategic metric. They allow the recruiter to hire based on the quality of the potential candidates. We know that most organizations attempt to measure the quality of recruits but are unable to do so, as the quality of every potential candidate varies and cannot be measured based on some fixed parameters. However, the overall quality of the recruit is determined by the reviews presented at the end of the year or year-end performance review for each batch.

In order to help the recruiter maintain the net hiring score (NHS), smart recruiters have created an integrated software that allows the recruiters to automatically track the NHS. This is done with the help of various algorithms and also taking into account other factors such as net promoter score. If you make use of this software you wonít have to worry about creating those large reports, it would all be done automatically based on a survey, that could easily be used to assist a new hire aptitude for a job and the recruiterís ability to make the right decision.

It is a product that is not only beneficial for the company itself but also really beneficial for the recruiters in order to improve their decision making regarding a candidate. So, if you wish to improve, then make sure to check this product out.

Increase Applicant Conversion

As a recruiter, you might be familiar with a lot of resumes and the amount of work you have to go through in order to select that one best application. This really reduces your efficiency and makes you sloppy. However, it would be child's play if you make use of modern products and services. Smart recruiters have released a new product that offers a quick and easy application experience for job seekers and as for recruiters, it helps them select the one or two applicants that they need. This is done by using an existing database of Seek to collect a lot of professional information regarding the candidate such as their CV, their previous projects, etc. This way recruiters can easily view the profile of candidates registered on Seek and select the right applicant for the job.

Hire With Google

This is not a new product but it has been updated with a lot of new features to help recruiters to hire more smartly with this software. If you are unfamiliar with this software, it is a recruiting software for G Suite. It has a lot of different benefits, but majorly it focuses on these 3 points:

Hiring Smartly

You donít have to manually copy and paste the candidateís information from your existing database in order to use this software. As the name suggests, it would be smart to use this software, if it decreases your manual work to that degree.

However, Hire entirely eliminates the need to do manual work of copy and paste between different applications. This software uses an advanced AI model to copy the candidate data from the source app and export it to Hire so that recruiters can easily recruit.


Google Hire allows the recruiter to hire in collaborations which is really helpful and especially at such a hard time when the world is facing a pandemic. This hire platform works smoothly with Google Calendar, Gmail, and even Google Duo. This really simplifies scheduling and communication and also creates a recruiting environment to simplify the recruitment process.

Saving Time

Hire simplifies recruitment and creates a streamline flow for recruiters, this allows them to focus on the candidate rather than managing emails and other stuff. This saves a lot of time for the recruiters and helps them make logical choices as quickly as possible.

Applicant Tracking Systems

This is one of the most common types of recruitment software, that allows the recruiter to handle all the recruitment process from mailing to interview. It acts as a backbone for the process and eliminates a number of trivial tasks that a recruiter needs to handle related to the applicants.

Every year a number of tracking systems and software are released due to the high demand for new and improved features. Almost 90 percent of multinational companies are estimated to use application tracking systems for their recruitment process. Last year witnessed a mass release of a number of applicant tracking systems and a lot of recruiters migrated to a number of different systems based on their requirements. The same trends are expected to follow with the release of a number of new applicant tracking software products. Some of the major tracking products are:

  • Bullhorn - a compatibility software for both applicant tracking and CRM. It is specifically designed to handle mass recruitment and uses a number of ML algorithms for personalization.
  • Greenhouse is one of the most famous applicant tracking software from 2017 and is said to come back with some amazing features and improvements. Previously it was well known for its structured hiring process and personalized interview approaches.
  • SAP Success Factor - While being full of human capital management (HCM) software, it became extremely popular after SAP America acquired Success Factor. As of now, it is considered as one of the top 3 applicant tracking software among the fortune 500. It is extremely famous for its compatibility with its main HCM (human capital management) software, which provides it an edge among other software. So, make sure to take a look at it.

About the Author

Sunny Chawla

Sunny Chawla is a Managing Director at Alliance Recruitment Agency. He specializes in helping client for international recruiting, staffing, HR services and Careers advice service for overseas and international businesses. He loves to share his thoughts from his blogs on top executive recruiters seattle.


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