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What To Know About Hiring People From Outside The U.S.

May 13 2021 - The United States’ working population only contains a fraction of the world’s skilled employees. These people have the expertise and talent to make your business profitable but sourcing them overseas requires following legal procedures.

You can understand more about this by considering the five questions below.

Why Hire Foreign Workers?

Businesses save money by hiring foreign workers because salary expectations are lower outside the United States. The revenue saved then goes towards improving operations, increasing the marketing budget, or investing in other ventures.

The language skills of overseas employees help globalize a business by providing pathways to other countries. Different markets become accessible, which prompts new opportunities and financial success.

Foreign workers also bring diversity to a business. Their different methods and views innovate operations and boost morale, increasing productivity. Being multicultural also improves a business’ reputation.

Are There Enough Qualified U.S. Workers?

Hiring overseas requires permission from the United States Department of Labor. This only happens if the availability of skilled U.S. employees is lacking in your line of work. After proving this is the case, you can open a job advertisement for foreign workers.

Consider language barriers and time zone differences when interviewing for positions. Having a translator will ensure no information is lost should a candidate struggle to communicate a point in English effectively.

Work With An Attorney Or An Agency?

When faced with the choice of an immigration lawyer vs agency, the former is better for businesses. Immigration attorneys like Farmer Law PC provide legal advice and assistance for sourcing foreign workers. Their solutions guarantee the hiring process goes smoothly while protecting the company from legal ramifications.

Agencies cannot provide legal services and benefit overseas employees who require help completing and translating visa applications.

What Visa Do You Need To Sponsor?

H visas are designed to meet temporary or seasonal labor needs in agricultural and non-agricultural industries. E visas exist for skilled workers, those with advanced degrees, and people with extraordinary abilities in business, education, arts, science, and athletics. TN visas are available specifically for Mexican and Canadian immigrants.

An immigration attorney will explain what you need depending on your line of work. Regardless, all applications can take months to process. Errors cause delays or rejection, which prompts you to restart the hiring process. Connecting successful candidates with immigration experts will alleviate this issue.

How To Avoid Making Mistakes?

Hiring foreign workers carries significant risk because of the legal requirements of sourcing from overseas. Mistakes are easier to make and hold greater repercussions, so scrutiny is essential. You’ll avoid these common issues by being analytical and asking questions throughout the process. Combining this with patience and professional assistance will ensure you hire the right employee.

Overseas workers offer unique advantages and provide supply where there’s demand. You can’t reap their benefits without meeting the necessary legal requirements, though. What you need to do should be clear, but an immigration attorney will elaborate on anything you don’t understand.

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