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Important Factors to Consider When You're Hiring a Health Care Professional

January 16 2017 - When it comes to hiring a health care professional, it's vital to choose the right person for the job. In many instances, people's lives are at stake, the effectiveness of your health care organization is at stake, and the reputation of your health care organization depends on the people you hire. Below are some of the most important factors you should consider before hiring a health care professional.

Qualifications and Training

The more responsibilities a person working in a certain role has, the more they should know about their job. They should also have the necessary qualifications. For example, if you're hiring a senior member of staff, a masters in nursing online or similar qualification may be required.

When a candidate mentions the qualification they have, make sure they provide proof of this qualification. In the example mentioned, if they say they have a masters of science in nursing online from the University of Arizona, ask for proof of this; it may also be a good idea to clarify this with the college they say they graduated from.

Knowledge and Experience

Understanding the theory of a particular health care topic is a great starting point, but as an employer, it's vital to find out if a person attending an interview has any relevant work experience to back up their qualifications. If they have relevant work experience, you should investigate this further by asking the candidate questions only a person with experience in a certain area would be able to answer.

Once again, look for supporting evidence of this work experience from a previous employer and find out what a previous employer or employers thought about the person you are interviewing. What their previous responsibilities were and their attitude to their work and fellow workers are also important pieces of information you need to find out more about, when you're researching the background of a possible future employee.

Preparation for the Interview Process

How well someone prepares for the job seeking process will tell you a lot about that person and how professionally they conduct their affairs. It goes without saying that their resume should be faultless, so focus on their achievements and how they think they can help their new employers.

If you decide to call a candidate forward for an interview, you or someone in your HR department will get to see the candidate in the flesh. The job interview candidate's appearance, mannerisms and knowledge of the role they are applying for will tell you a lot about them. You should consider each of these details before you make your final decision about which job seeker to hire.


For some health care positions, you may need to dig a little deeper and find out more about the personality and temperament of the person you're interviewing. A wide range of psychometric personality questionnaires and tests are available that will help you with this exercise.

A lot is at stake when you hire a health care professional. This is why it's crucial to consider each of the factors above before you make your final decision about who to hire.

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