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How PR Can Help Your HR Team Hire Employees

April 5 2020 - There are a number of reasons why PR and HR should be working together, but it is not always made clear to employers why this is the case. Most businesses will make the most HR teams to hire and retain employees while using PR separately as a marketing tool to reach new customers and make more sales. However, PR can be used for more than just this. It can be used to help your HR team with hiring and, in turn, retaining employees much more easily too. How is this the case? We explore this more below.

PR improves your reputation

Your reputation matters, and if you find yourself with a bad one, then you are going to find it challenging to hire any new employees. No one wants to work for a company that has a bad reputation labeled to it. It would simply look bad on their behalf too. The great thing about PR, however, is that you can change this. Carrying out public events, for example, allows you to show yourself as a polite and caring employer with a high level of knowledge. Doing so will start to build a better profile for yourself, which transfers to your company too.

It will make you stand out

You arenít just fighting your competitors for customers; you are also competing against them for the best employees. If you want to continue building up a better business, then you simply need to have better candidates applying for your job. To do this, you need to find a way to stand out! With PR, you can make this happen, whether this is merely being able to speak well to the media or distributing exceptional content in multiple forms. This is not always easy to do by yourself, unlike other PR avenues. Sometimes you need to reach out for external help. An expert broadcast PR agency, such as Shout! Communications, will be able to train your spokesperson in being able to talk to the media well, secure high-profile interviews on national stations, and produce state of the art video content that labels you as an expert. They will ensure you doing everything possible to stand out to potential employees for all the right reasons.

Be the expert in the field

Employees want to work for the very best company in order to gain experience, so you need to show that you are an expert in the industry. PR can help portray you as an expert, by producing highly detailed and accurate content but also by maximizing your air time on the media. Gaining slots on radio interviews that require expert advice, for example, benefits you in multiple ways, expanding your exposure while simultaneously showing you as an expert.

Gets your name out there

PR is all about getting your name out there and making people aware that you even exist. As mentioned previously, many businesses view this as a great marketing tool for attracting new customers, but itís also a great way of attracting employees. Rather than your HR team spending hours trying to reach out to people for them to simply reject you, you can get people emailing, writing, and phoning you up to see if you have any open positions available. They will have seen that you have a great reputation, are an expert, and you care about your employees. From this, your HR team can start to narrow down the candidates.

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