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Tips for HR Professionals Managing Cross Border Teams

January 20 2017 - It is becoming increasingly commonplace for businesses of all sizes to operate across international borders. Whether you have a brick-and-mortar establishment in another country or you have teams on location in foreign lands, learning to operate efficiently across international borders takes a special kind of knowledge and experience you can gain with a masters in diplomacy from accredited schools like Norwich University.

Why the Need for a Specialized Education in Diplomacy

In fact, this particular type of program is unique in that it not only prepares HR professionals to engage in international commerce, but also how to navigate diplomacy with an awareness of an ever growing threat of state sponsored terrorism. If you are an HR professional with teams on the ground on foreign soil, these are all very real concerns in today's world. From physical, on-location security to cyber security, sometimes all it takes is diplomatic relations to keep your team safe from these types of threats.

Focus on Conflict Management

As a professional working in Human Resources, you know that conflict management is a large part of what you do on a day to day basis. Conflicts can quickly erupt between management and staff, as well as between co-workers, and it falls on the HR department to resolve and diffuse these situations. It is also part of your job description to provide an environment that discourages this type of conflict.

Now consider how difficult it will be to manage cross border conflict. Your teams are susceptible to conflict on these same levels, and with foreign officials and foreign nationals as well. It takes real diplomacy to prevent and resolve these issues, and that's why you might consider enrolling key personnel in an online diplomacy program so that they are well-prepared for any such eventuality.

Keeping the Lines of Communication Open and Secure

An online MDY degree would prepare you to establish diplomatic relations in countries where you are operating, as well as keeping the lines of communications open with your staff on the ground. With growing risks of cyber threats, it is imperative that you understand how to keep electronic communications safe from intrusion. In recent months, it has become increasingly evident just how easy it is for hackers from around the globe to access our databases, and that is something that could cause irrevocable harm.

The key to operating in foreign countries is being able to establish diplomatic relations with both the government of that country as well as with nationals you will be interacting with. Whether you are doing business directly with them, or are simply setting up base operations because of a strategic proximity to where suppliers are, you will still need to carry on relations with anyone you encounter. Diplomacy isn't always easy to master, but it is if you have a core foundation in international affairs. That's something worth investing in if you intend to continue doing cross border commerce. Earn a degree in diplomacy and you will be well-prepared for anything that crosses your path.

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