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Recruitment Marketing Tips for Attracting International Employees

August 5 2021 - In a global business world, there can be huge benefits to attracting international employees. From moving into global markets to more affordable tech employees, many businesses are hiring abroad. Here are seven recruitment marketing tips for attracting international employees:

Understand different cultures

Recruitment marketing tips for attracting international employees often involve understanding the different cultures of potential candidates. It is important to consider how their cultural differences might help or hinder your business as you begin to explore which countries might have the highest quality staff. Look at why a candidate would choose you over other businesses in your industry and what compensation package will be most alluring. Many tech organizations are hiring abroad because it makes them more affordable, meaning that taking into account accommodation costs as well as salary decreases the overall price per hour worked.

Advertise in other countries

Some of the top tech talent is actively looking for overseas jobs. This is because accommodation costs are much lower outside of Silicon Valley or New York City. Taking a prompt to speak in native languages can help you make a unique impression on potential candidates abroad, as well as have a certain prestige value that your local competitors cannot match.

Make the job advert clear

Once you have decided which countries to advertise in, make the advert as clear and concise as possible for potential employees. While you may want to use a call-to-action style text at the beginning of your adverts in certain markets, generally speaking, a simple, straightforward job description will be most effective around the world.

Offer relocation perks

Offering a relocation package can help you attract the best staff. Without proper allowance for relocation costs, many potential candidates from overseas will automatically reject your job offer without even considering it. However, offering airfare to recruiters as well as accommodation and possible rental bonuses can allow you to appeal to those in other countries who might not otherwise have been willing to relocate.

Conduct video interviews

While it may be easier to hire someone in your own country or offer relocation packages, the distance can make it tricky for overseas employees. Video interviews are an excellent way to judge candidates and gauge their personalities without any cultural barriers getting in the way.

Be mindful of languages

Make sure that you are clear about your company's languages and which ones you require employees to speak. Unless your main industries have a certain language requirement, it is often a good idea to be as multilingual in the workplace as possible. Using an external translator or localization software can help with hiring overseas candidates.

Attend international job fairs

Many job fairs take place abroad, and an international presence can be a great way to meet potential employees. Of course, you will also want to consider staffing your business with local staff from the country that you are targeting as well. This will help make your company more appealing on the ground and make it easier to screen potential candidates.

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