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What to Expect and How to Get the Most Out of Advertising School

Advertising School

February 16 2020 - Are you interested in improving your advertising skills for your business? Are you looking to switch careers or improve your skills for your current career?

Advertising school can help with these ambitions and more.

When you study advertising in a post-graduate setting, you learn more than a blog post or online webinar can teach. You receive hands-on guidance from teachers and professionals in the industry. The information you learn is current and effective.

Going to advertising school can change your life and career. Keep reading to learn how to get the most out of it.

Advance Your Skills

Like other post-graduate schools, advertising school advances your skills. Even if you already have some advertising knowledge, studying the topic will only improve your abilities.

One of the first areas you can look forward to improving is your design knowledge.

Advertising school teaches you how to use the†latest design software†and technology. You get first-hand experience using the tools that top advertisers do.

Youíll also improve your copywriting and editing skills. Copy is hugely important in advertising. Even video marketing requires effective script writing and text elements.

The more you can do yourself, the more you can offer to an employer. And, the less you need to outsource in your own business.

The third, but not last, area youíll improve through ad school is communication. Thatís all advertising is, right? Communicating your idea in an influential and effective way.

Embrace the Connections

The people you meet in advertising school become lifelong connections. Each day at school is a powerful networking event.

Start by making good impressions on your teachers.

These instructors likely know many of the big players in the advertising industry. If they see your potential, they could become amazing references for you.

Then, build friendships with your fellow students.

These are the people who could hire you, partner with you, or work for you in the future. They could even become supportive peers who work in the same field.

Treat every day at ad school like an opportunity to find new opportunities.

Get Creative

Ad school doesnít involve a lot of textbook reading or scientific paper-writing. It focuses on building your skills through hands-on projects and exams.

As you learn how to design better, write better, and strategize better, you can demonstrate it in class.

Many projects will require you to dive into your creative side and think outside the box. This is exciting for anyone who struggled with math class in school but loved the arts. Ad school is a place for you to shine.

A common assignment you might have in ad school is coming up with a strategy for a fake company. Youíll have to brainstorm and execute a customized ad strategy for them. It could include graphics, social media, paid ads, and†even traditional marketing.

Further in your program, youíll get the chance to work with real clients. Not only is this great practice, but itís another connection with potential opportunities.

Grow Your Business

What if you already own a business and arenít looking to get employed? Ad school still has tons of benefits for you.

In ad school, youíll learn the skills a professional advertiser has without having to hire one. You can become the pro in your own business.

Whenever you work on case studies or ad strategies, you can consider them for your company. Each class gives you ideas on how to improve your advertising and marketing.

Not to mention the people you get to be surrounded by. No one is perfect and you donít know what you donít know. Thatís why being surrounded by other intelligent, creative ad students is so valuable.

If you dive into ad school with the intention to grow your business, youíll walk away with all the knowledge, skills, and connections you need.

Want another bonus? You could potentially claim your ad school tuition as a business expense!

Become More Hireable

If you donít own your own business but would like to get hired as an advertiser, ad school is where you need to be.

As mentioned above, ad school gives you the tools, skills, and connections to get hired.

It also gives you an idea of how to be a successful advertising employee. Landing the job is one thing; succeeding in it and keeping your job is another.

How do you execute an advertising strategy? How do you know it was successful when itís over? How do you work on a campaign as a team?

One of the biggest benefits of going to ad school is learning how to do this type of work with a team. Collaboration is key in every creative industry, especially in advertising.

When employers see that you have a diploma from an ad school, they feel confident that you have these skills.

How to Find the Right Ad School for You

There are thousands of ad schools around the world, but theyíre not all accredited and up to par. You want to†find an advertising school†thatís reputable, credible, and high-quality.

To find the right ad school for you, read the online reviews. Speak to past students about their experiences. Go to in-person information events to learn more.

You can also schedule a tour with the school before enrolling. This allows you to see firsthand the learning atmosphere and campus.

Lastly, look at their different programs. Some ad schools offer diplomas, certifications, bootcamp courses, or all of the above. Ensure the program will teach you the skills you want to learn.

Interested in Learning More About Advertising School?

Advertising school could be the key to growing your career, business, and network. It can teach you the skills you need to excel in this creative field.

If you apply yourself and dedicate your time to studying, youíll get the most out of your education.

Once youíre ready to start applying to advertising jobs, check out our CVs/Resumes articles to perfect your application.

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