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6 Common Project Management Errors and How to Avoid Them

Project management

March 5 2022 - Have you been given the responsibility of managing your company's next project? Perhaps you're nervous about having a team looking to you for guidance? If this is the case, you'll want to be sure you don't make unnecessary mistakes.

But, what are the project management errors that you should avoid? The last thing you want is to miss your client's deadline or allow your project to run over budget. While there are many aspects to running a project, you can sidestep some of the most typical issues by learning about them in advance.

Read on to find out more about some of the most common project management mistakes.

1. Not Having a Clear Strategy

Having a vague plan is not enough, and you should take the time before beginning your project to map out a detailed strategy. It can help to learn a project management framework such as that taught in the Prince2 courses to help you bring a structured approach to your role.

2. Failing to Prioritize Tasks

Not all project tasks are equally important, and you should put the most crucial jobs at the top of your to-do list. This can also help to take pressure off your team as vital assignments will be completed early on in the process.

3. Not Assigning Roles Correctly

You should know which employees are best suited to the various roles within your project plan. For example, some team members may have exceptional computer skills, while others could be better at helping with organizational tasks. By getting this step right, you can improve team cohesion and achieve superior results.

4. Not Using Project Management Tools

It's essential to use project management software such as Trello to help your team communicate and stay on track. There are numerous free and paid options for different online project management systems, and staff can log in from anywhere in the world and collaborate with colleagues in real-time.

5. Poor Communication With Clients

Sometimes it can be difficult to meet deadlines for projects, but this doesn't have to be a disaster. If you communicate openly with clients and explain the situation, they may be happy to give you extra time to complete the project. The key is to be honest and let customers know of any problems as soon as possible.

6. Not Carrying Out Regular Reviews

Regularly reviewing your progress can help you see what still needs to be done and ensure you don't miss any important project aspects. However, this can also be a motivational tool, allowing your team to see how much work they have already completed.

Avoid Making These Common Project Management Errors

When you know how to avoid some common project management errors, you can lead your team to a more successful outcome. It's vital to make a clear project management strategy and to use the right tools to help your colleagues work together. You should also have open lines of communication with clients, and review your progress on a regular basis.

Your project management skills could soon be a sought-after commodity!

For more helpful hints and tips, be sure to browse our Skills section before you go.

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