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The Role of a Human Resource Manager

Human Resource Manager

April 15 2020 - Are you looking for a varied career that lets you meet and work with all sorts of people, and where you'll be an essential part of a team?

If so, the role of Human Resource Manager may be for you. Although some jobs may become monotonous over time, in the field of human resources, every day is different and will bring new challenges to solve.

Are you considering this dynamic and integral career path? If so, read on to learn more about the role and helpful skills for success.

What Is a Human Resource Manager?

A Human Resources (HR) manager, may be one person or could be part of a larger HR team. They direct and look after the administrative functions for a company, such as staff recruitment, payroll, training, staff performance reviews. HR may also play a larger role in overseeing the direction of a company, along with the executive team.

Manage the Hiring Process

An HR manager for a company plays an important role in company recruitment. They will work with the hiring manager to create a job description, advertise it on online job sites or newspapers, working with recruitment companies. You may conduct phone interviews of short-listed candidates as an HR Manager.

They may also participate in face to face interviews, and they will then be the lead staff member in onboarding the new employee. Onboarding can include administrative paperwork, new staff training, and setting them up in payroll, and making sure they are OH&S compliant in their role.

Organize Training

Both current and existing employees of companies will attend regular training sessions or updates. Often, it will be in the Human Resource Manager job description to organize training, arrange guest speakers, and keep records of staff attendance.

Training can be related to anything from professional development, upskilling staff on new technology, or even just networking lunches in celebration of a staff member's birthday.

If you're interested in working as an HR Manager, check out these HRM courses today.

Look After Employee Files

Administration is an essential part of the HR role. HR Managers must be able to work in confidence, keeping employee data protected and staff.

You may use business management software for this. It is helpful for everything from tracking employee annual leave and entitlement, recording emergency contacts. You can also store any important paperwork related to that individual staff member.

At some companies, HR may also administer weekly or monthly payroll and generate payslips, an important part of the job that your staff members are counting on!

Manage Disputes

HR Managers often play a role in managing conflict between staff members, or between a staff member and an external company stakeholder. Disputes can be common in workplaces, but through properly done dispute resolution, a verdict can be reached that satisfies all parties.

As these matters are sensitive in nature, so it helps for HR Managers to have empathy, patience, and to approach all problems with a fair and balanced mindset.

Ready to Work in Human Resources?

Now that you have a better understanding of the role of a Human Resource Manager, enroll in a course today to get started on your exciting new career. It's a fun, rewarding, and challenging role that will always be in demand by employers.

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