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Do You Have What It Takes to Work in Human Resources?

January 20 2017 - The job of a human resources manager is to coordinate and direct a variety of administrative functions within an organization. However, as the job title implies, HR managers have to deal with the human aspects of an enterprise, namely hire and managing relations between employees. For this reason, a good HR manager needs a basic set of tools to be efficient. In this article, we're going to discuss some of the appropriate skills and aptitudes of a good HR manager.

Good Interpersonal skills

This shouldn't come as a surprise, but HR managers can benefit from a degree of extroversion if they want to be efficient. Extroverts in general prefer to focus on problems in the external world. Human Resources focuses on relationships between people, so if you're struggling to relate to others or suffer from extreme anxiety at the idea of human interaction, than this job is definitely not for you.


The job of a human resource manager can be very diverse and you will be called to perform a wide variety of functions during the day. You might have to work with personal issues one of your employees is experiencing one minute, deal with a recruitment strategy the next, and evaluate a potential candidate the minute after. This is why a good HR manager should be able to multitask and jump between assignments effortlessly.

Good Time Management

Time management skills are essential if you're going to work in human resources. As mentioned earlier, the typical day of a human resource manager can be quite hectic, and if you're naturally disorganized, you might have issues accomplishing everything you need in one day. In addition, you will have many deadlines to meet and some tasks to prioritize over others. Some time management skills and self-discipline are essential if you are to be successful at HR management. The good thing is that most online MBA programs teach time management and most students holding an online MBA degree will possess the skills needed to be a good HR manager.


Most often than not, human resources are the last and only recourse an employee has when dealing with personal issues at work. HR managers have to deal with things such as violations of policies within the organization, pay and benefits, and personal conflict. Employees tend to trust HR managers over upper management in many cases and it's important that the trusting bond between HR managers and employees is never broken by indiscretion.

Problem Solver

Last, but not least, a good HR manager should always be solutions-oriented if they want to be successful. Conflicts are commonplace in the workplace, and as a HR manager, you will be often asked to resolve these conflicts. People have different personalities and have to be dealt with differently. You'll also have to be impartial in your actions so you can maintain a favorable climate within the enterprise.

All these factors need to be considered before you seek a position in human resources. Make sure that you possess the right organizational skills, you are a problem solver, you know how to deal with people from different backgrounds and with different personalities, and you never break the trust between you and the employees.

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