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3 Ways to Establish Authority in Your Field

November 27 2019 - No matter what industry you operate in, your business will face some competition when it comes to drawing custom. If your business is to continue to turn over a healthy profit for years to come, quite simply it needs to find a way to stand out from this crowd. The best way to do that is to establish some authority for yourself in your field. By showcasing your businessís expertise and experience, customers will feel a lot more inclined to bring you their custom. This is because they will feel like they are able to rely on the goods and services that you provide.

To find three ways you can establish authority in your field, read on.

Start a blog

Starting a blog is a simple yet effective way to establish authority in your field. With this type of platform at your disposal, you will be able to produce content on a regular basis that proves just how knowledgable and experienced you are in your field.

Before you can start creating and uploading valuable content, you have to ensure that your blog platform is capable of operating at the highest possible level. To optimize your blog in this instance, itís essential that you choose a quality hosting plan such as They provide High Availability (HA) and NVMe SSD storage as standard, which means that, should you choose to host your platform with them, your blog will be sure to remain both active and lightning-fast at all times.

Record a podcast

Some people do not take too kindly to long-form content, simply because itís too complex to digest. They much prefer learning about subjects via an audio format because it allows them to relax and take content in at their own pace. By recording your very own podcast, you could provide this type of service and subsequently attract this type of audience member.

Here are some of the steps that you should take when you decide to start your own podcast:

  • Choose an industry niche that you are passionate enough to commit to
  • Define your show description and any artwork that is going to be used to market it
  • Purchase, set up, and rigorously test your equipment
  • Create a content plan for your episodes
  • Compile a list of guests
  • Edit your episodes before publishing them

Write an ebook

If you truly want to establish yourself as an expert, then you should consider writing an ebook that discusses your field and offers insights into your industry. Being an author will ensure that you are perceived as being a subject matter expert, which will, in turn, make more people take note of anything you have to say about your industry going forward. As a result, you could stand to attract major media attention and you could even create speaking and teaching opportunities for yourself. At the very least, being an author will give you something interesting to talk about at networking events when youíre trying to schmooze prospective clients!

Worried that your lack of free time will hold you back from putting pen to paper? A simple yet effective route to go down in this instance is to compile all of your past blog posts and turn them into an ebook. Youíve already got the content, why not use it?

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