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How to Book Your Staff on Business Trips in 2020

March 26 2020 - With business trips still a mainstay for the majority of large businesses that do interstate and international deals regularly, HR departments are often billed with the responsibility of organizing these trips for employees. It's your team's responsibility to save cash for the company, while also providing a pleasant experience for the staff who are travelling on your behalf. In this guide, you'll discover how to balance these two priorities in order to allow your traveling staff to get the most out of the business trips that they take in the coming months of 2020.

Booking Dates

You need, first and foremost, to coordinate between your team and the people with whom they will be meeting. You need to be absolutely sure of dates and times before you make any bookings, and you need to confirm with those that your staff are meeting with that you are booking in for those dates. Those you are meeting will be aware that you're now spending money on the business trip by booking flights and hotels, so it's now very poor form if they cancel or rearrange at short notice.


Getting your staff across the country, or the world, is a big part of your management of a business trip. You need to find seats on an airplane that flies at an appropriate time for your employees, enabling them to get to the airport in good time. You should also book your staff a parking space by the airport, using online parking services like The best flight tickets for businesspeople are those early in the morning - it gives them a whole day to assimilate and organize themselves before the big meetings they have scheduled.


Now you need to look at hotels on the other end of the flight, and ways to get from the airport to the accommodation. Often, you'll find that there's an excellent business hotel near the airport, or in the center of the city that they're travelling to. But, just to be sure, you should compare a few options to find the best price, and the best rooms, for the cash that you're spending. Be clear that location is key: it's best that your staff on their trip only have to walk, or take a short cab across town, to attend the meetings they have scheduled on their trip.

Official Documents

As well as, of course, encouraging your staff to get their passports ready - and, if required, updated - you also need to be sure that you're providing your staff with all the documentation that they need to make their trip as seamless as possible. You need to give them clear details of the bookings you've made, through a short and concise itinerary. You should organize some information on an A4 piece of paper regarding their destination, and their objectives while there. And you should furnish them with company credit cards, which they should use sparingly to pay for meals and refreshments on their trip.

These four key objectives will help you to plan the very best business trips for your staff in the coming months of 2020, and into the future of this decade.

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