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Towards Gender Equality in Business

April 3 2021 - Gender equity and equality in the workplace have become common buzzwords with most businesses mentioning these terms in annual reports, diversity reports and stakeholder presentations. However, in the US it is expected to take over 151 years to reach gender equality. Gender equality is when there will be equal pay for equal jobs, no discrimination in the workplace, equal representation in leadership and equal access to career-building opportunities. It is not that much to ask for, but in asking there should also be a certain degree of readiness to take up the mantle and to proactively work for such equality regardless of the position, role, or industry. The actual process of achieving such equality is known as gender equity.

Simple ways that you can ensure your readiness for any opportunity in the business world in the march towards gender equality.

Know Your Sector and Perfect Your Role

It will be important to be ready for any opportunity that arises, and this requires a good knowledge of the sector that you work in and being competent and capable in your current role. Being ready for a management or leadership position requires certain expertise and experience - make sure that you work to gain and practice these before you look to move up in the company or change your role. The best way to do this is to ensure that you learn as much about the company as possible and understand the field that it operates in and the intricacies of the business model.

Have a Program for Continuous Improvement

A program of ongoing training and development is important for any career, but courses specifically geared towards women empowerment and gender specific issues are a great start in proactive gender adjustment. A perfect example is the Women in Leadership Business Certificate, which will allow you to gain specific knowledge as to the role of women in business and leadership. Preparing for that step to the next level and beyond. It is important for gender equality that there is an understanding of the problem and a clear idea of the equity process, further managerial and business study is a great way to do this.

Have a Mentor That Can Guide and Support You

Having a successful businesswoman mentoring you is a fantastic way to both progress and to learn the ropes. Finding the right mentor can be a difficult process, but this is an initiative that is currently growing across the country as women in leadership realize that it is their responsibility to prepare others to follow in their footsteps. There are several non-academic mentoring programs out there that you can apply for or enquire to see if such initiatives are part of the academic courses you intend to sign up for.

If you understand what the struggle for equity is and how to get there, then by being ready for any opportunity you are essentially living this struggle and not simply paying lip service. Diversity in the workplace is something that will need to be advocated for and as you do this, be ready for the opportunities on the way to equality in the workplace and the world of modern business.

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