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4 Tips for Throwing the Perfect Office Party

May 24 2017 - Office parties can be a great way to boost engagement and build a bond between your employees. However, they can be a total HR nightmare if they're not handled properly. Throwing a great office party is all about being organized and steering clear of a few classic blunders. In this article, we're going to give you some tips on how to throw a great, HR approved, office party.

Have a Clear Budget and Choose a Theme

The theme is what's truly going to set your party apart. Not only that, but it will help focus your efforts when it's time to organize it. Also, your workers will be more excited about the party if the theme is right.

When choosing a theme, make sure that you take circumstances and seasons into consideration. The summer is perfect for a barbecue-themed event for instance, because, who doesn't like barbecue? You could also do an Oktoberfest themed party in the fall. Try to be original with your picks so that your employees don't see it as just another function.

Create Great Invites and Send Them

One of the things you could do is set a calendar invite and make sure all employees get it ahead of time. Make sure that the location, date, and theme are clearly visible and don't send them too early, so they don't forget the event. You could also send invitations to all employees and make sure you deliver them by hand to make sure everyone gets theirs. You don't have to pay a fortune to have invitations made; instead, you can use a free online tool and a party invitation template to create professional looking invitations in minutes.

Choose the Right Venue

A lot of people think that holding the party in their office is a great idea, but I beg to differ. The office is sometimes too oppressive an environment as it reminds people of work. If you're planning an outside party, you should consider renting canopies or outside tents and have it close to the office instead. This way, people will be able to get to it right after work, and you'll be able to save on an expensive venue.

Take Care of Food and Drinks

Food and drinks are essential for a great party. You can either decide to have the thing catered or do it on your own. Did you know that there are online liquor stores that will deliver drinks directly to you? If you have the means, you can always have a caterer, but you can assign someone to be a cook also. Having a party with drinks only is a recipe for disaster, so have at least some food there, may it be chips and dips or finger foods.


If you're going to hold a party, make sure you choose a fun theme first. Also, make sure that everyone knows about it by making a calendar invite and by sending nicely crafted invitations. Consider other venues as opposed to your actual office, and also make sure there will be enough food and drinks for everyone.

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