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Top Tips for Improving Employee Happiness

October 26 2021 - Employees are the most important aspect of your company. As a team, they are the cogs that keep the business ticking over and help it grow into a successful corporation. However, many managers overlook the importance of taking care of their workforce, leading to poor mental health and potentially high employee turnover. As an employer, it is essential to be aware of boosting your workforces’ happiness and wellbeing to create a much more positive work environment. If you require some advice on how this can be achieved, the following tips should come in useful:

1. Promote a work/life balance

While employees spend a significant proportion of their day at work, it shouldn’t encompass their entire life. Your employees are only human with personal responsibilities and hobbies; therefore, ensuring they have equilibrium between work and home life is crucial for their wellbeing.

It all starts with having realistic expectations of your staff to reduce the risk of burnout and impact their mental health. There are several ways companies can allow workers to enjoy the correct work/life balance to suit their needs, as follows:

  • Flexible shift patterns
  • Remote working
  • Encouraging breaks
  • Evaluating workloads
  • Organizing office social events

2. Provide career development opportunities

The millennial generation, in particular, is typically focused on their next career move. As an employer, you should be willing to help them progress when it comes to their professional development. Set out a roadmap for each employee as to how they can progress by acquiring the correct skills and experience and the training courses on which they may enroll. If ambitious employees feel they are stuck in a certain position with no room for advancement, they are likely to apply for better opportunities elsewhere.

3. Offer benefits

Employee benefits are more than a small bonus when working for your company; they are a major aspect of positive workplace culture and shows employees you care for them on a more personal level. Benefits can come in many shapes and forms, from childcare allowances to healthcare grants or even helping with vacation costs by offering Busch Gardens coupons. What is more, we now live in a world where candidates are not solely interested in the potential salary, but the benefits the company offers. The greater the benefits, the better talent you will acquire and hopefully retain.

4. Listen to their feedback

Employees feel valued when they are listened to. Therefore, you should aim to create a work culture that promotes employees to speak openly about their opinions, whether positive or negative. Studies have shown that employers who make an effort to listen to their employees can boost workplace optimism and job satisfaction. Allow employees to have their say, whether it be holding regular team meetings or offering an open-door policy for private chats. Once your employees realize that they can speak their minds without judgment, they will be much more open and honest with you, which will, in turn, create a much more relaxed work environment.

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