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5 Types of Teaching Jobs That Are Fun and Fulfilling

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January 29 2022 - The only reason you can read this article is because a teacher taught you how.

Teachers are responsible for passing on essential knowledge and how-tos to students just like you. And now, after you've learned from their wisdom, you could become a teacher like the ones that enriched your life.

But teaching doesn't have to be in a traditional classroom or school environment. While most imagine a teaching career based in a compulsory education environment (such as an elementary or middle school), there are countless other forms of teaching to discover.

Here are five fun and fulfilling types of teaching jobs to consider.

1. Driving Instructor

Most people know how to drive and do it on a daily basis. And if you're one of them, you may find that you enjoy teaching driving skills over history and math lessons.

Teach driving to a variety of students, from teenagers to adults, as a driving instructor. Driving instructor jobs are always in demand and allow you to break free of traditional classroom settings, meeting students on the road instead.

2. Preschool Teacher

Preschool teacher is one of a few teaching jobs that is similar to traditional educational careers, but it's a great option for those who love working with small children.

And there's a lot of flexibility when it comes to preschool jobs, especially because preschools tend to follow unique programs like Montessori and Reggio Emilia philosophies. If you're passionate about teaching, choose a school that aligns with your style and preferred methods.

3. English Teacher Abroad

If you want to work in education while traveling the world, consider taking on the role of English teacher.

Countries like South Korea, China, Spain, and Germany are considered some of the best places to teach English abroad. It's easy to find an exciting country that will fit you and your needs.

And if you lack teaching credentials, there are still plenty of options for first-time teachers. Many programs only require you to be fluent in English to start teaching it to local students.

4. Adult Education Teacher

Adult education typically refers to continued education, though it can also include working with adults with disabilities.

In either case, becoming an adult education teacher is ideal for those who prefer to work with other adults, not children. Many adult education teachers find their conversations and interactions with their students to be incredibly fulfilling and interesting in a way that may not be possible with young students.

Adult education teachers often focus on one subject or area of expertise, rather than a range of subjects.

5. Athletic Coach

If you're an athlete at heart who understands your sport inside-out, consider becoming an athletic coach.

Many school coaches also teach other subjects, such as math or science. If that's not your dream, you can still become an athletic coach in a training camp or after-school facility.

You can even coach and train athletes as a freelancer, building your own business through teaching your favorite sport.

Types of Teaching Jobs to Try

If you know the importance of education and dream of being a teacher, but you don't want to spend every day in a traditional classroom, try one of these five types of teaching jobs instead.

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