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Marketing vs. HR: Which is the Best Degree Choice?

October 27 2016 - There are a variety of job positions available in the world of business, so there are also a lot of degree programs that you can choose from when you're thinking about going into a corporate environment.

Two of the most popular options are marketing and human resources. But which is the best degree choice? Should you get your degree in HR from a local college, or should you get your online marketing degree from a school like Arizona State University? Keep reading to learn about each option so you can make the right choice.

Human Resources Degree

Are you the type of person who really enjoys interacting with others? Do you want to have a job working in a business environment while also being able to help others? Then you should consider getting your HR degree.

Just about every industry hires HR professionals who can work on finding and employing the best professionals in the field. HR pros can also assist with training new hires, and they can even serve as labor relations professionals.

There are a variety of job positions that you can hold once you have the right HR education. For example, you can become an HR administrator or assistant, an HR officer, a training officer, an HR director or manager, and a recruitment coordinator, as a few examples. These are all rewarding positions that allow you to earn a high salary while being in an influential position.

Marketing Degree

Are you a creative individual who wants to use that imagination to help businesses connect with customers and achieve new growth? Do you find yourself paying attention to advertisements on billboards, in publications, on TV, and online? Are you a good writer and someone who's enthusiastic about talking about brands, products, and services that you like? Then a degree in marketing would be ideal for you.

With this degree, you'll become qualified to work in a variety of businesses, from startups to global corporations, and you'll help with the creation of marketing and ad campaigns that effectively promote brands in engaging ways. Once you've graduated from one of the many online marketing degree programs available, you'll have stronger communication skills. You'll also understand what's necessary to create a promotional strategy, lead a team, and track the results of your strategy so you can make adjustments.

Most importantly, with a marketing degree, you'll be able to apply to a variety of job openings for public relations pros, marketing managers, and more, so you'll have a higher chance of finding a job that you'll love.

Choosing Between the Two Options

Both of these degrees provide students with a host of skills and benefits, so when it comes time to decide which path would be right for you, it can be difficult to decide between the two. Think about your personality, as well as your existing skills, and consider where you would fit in best.

Whether you choose to go into marketing or HR, you can expect to make a good salary and have a career that will be fulfilling and interesting.

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