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The Right Resume: What Are the 3 F's of Resume Writing?

Resume writing

July 9 2021 - Have you found the perfect job to apply for? Discovering a position that uses all of your skills and experience is an exciting prospect, but then the hard part starts. You have to put together a resume that stands out and makes the hiring manager see you as the best candidate for the job.

Resume writing may not be your favorite task, but it doesn't have to be a mountain to climb. Using the 3 Fs, you can write a resume that's impressive and showcases your experience without being over the top. Here's how:


The hiring manager wants to be able to read through your resume quickly and pick out the key components. Fancy formatting or stylish font makes it harder to read. Don't use color, graphic design, or borders.

Choose a font like Times New Roman that's easy to read. If your resume is too distracting, the hiring manager will bypass it and move on to someone else's application.

Executive resume writing is the same. State plainly the information required, and impress them with your cover letter instead.


You shouldn't have to go back more than ten years, unless you've only held one job for those ten years. Then you can include one or two other previous work experiences.

Don't use more than one page for your resume. Even if you think specific details are important, they probably don't care. If you're still not convinced, put the extra information in your cover letter instead of on your resume.

Find resume writing samples that stick to one page. These should give you a brief idea of the candidate's objective and experience, with a few highlights of their duties at each position that show they're the perfect fit for the position they're applying for.


It's hard to be a good resume writer if you don't focus on the third F: effectiveness. While the F in the word is a bit of a stretch, the goal is vital. You can't be effective with your resume unless you include all the important parts of a resume.

Demonstrate your clear purpose at the beginning of the page. You should also include your job history, your education, and your contact information. Don't leave out any of these important sections or the hiring manager may move on to another candidate.

Finally, be sure to proofread your resume so that you eliminate all errors. Many hiring managers will throw away a resume with a typo or grammar error. They want to make sure the person they hire has attention to detail and takes time to double-check their work.

The 3 Fs of Resume Writing

If this all seems like a difficult task, hire a professional resume writing service to help you draft an impressive resume.  They'll be able to stick to the essentials and build the right resume for your job application.

The best resume writing services help you put together a professional but plain resume that contains all three Fs listed above. With those characteristics, your resume can make a good impression with the hiring manager and show them that you're the ideal candidate.

The Right Resume

Resume writing can be tough, especially if you don't have much practice. Getting help from a professional can be a great way to have an outside perspective and ensure your resume is meeting all three Fs. Impress the hiring manager when you follow the tips above.

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