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3 Big Benefits of Having an Engineering Career

Engineering career

June 27 2021 - Looking for a career? Like science, math, and solving problems? If so, you should consider becoming an engineer.

Curious as to the benefits of an engineering career? Then read on.

We're going to discuss three of them below.

1. You'll Make a Lot of Money

If you're like a lot of people in this world, you choose your career primarily based on the amount of money it can make you. Well, if so, look no further than engineering.

In 2016, engineers made a median salary of  around $91,000. That's more than two times the average median salary for all professions.

And that's just the median. Many engineers make well over $100,000 a year, with some making over $150,000, and a select few making over $200,000.

In short, this is a lucrative career. It's not the most lucrative career on the planet but considering that it only requires four years of college education, it pays a boatload of money.

2. You'll Always Be Employable

Not only do engineers make a lot of money but they also always have jobs available to them. This is because there are relatively few engineers on the planet and yet tons of need for engineers at companies of all kinds.

Few other careers have this benefit, at least to this extent. For instance, accountants are necessary. But because there are so many of them, they can't easily walk into a new job in the way that engineers can.

There's a great deal of leverage that comes with this kind of need. Not only can you demand more from your employers but you can also quit when you feel you're no longer being treated fairly.

You can even move easier, as, again, there is bound to be a job waiting regardless of where you want to go.

3. Your Job Will Have Meaning

So many jobs are little more than practices in paper pushing. You sit at a desk, send some emails, enter some things into a spreadsheet, and then go home. You never get to contribute in a meaningful way and you always feel unfulfilled.

This is not true of engineering jobs. Engineers are on the front lines of projects and are tasked with solving new problems every day. Their work is necessary to keep the business running, and therefore carries a great deal of meaning.

If you want to be more than just another cog in a machine, consider a career in engineering. Four years gets you your degree. Then, you can think about a technical certification, as it will enable you to enter a niche that's dear to your heart.

There are Countless Reasons to Pursue an Engineering Career

When push comes to shove, an engineering career is one of the best careers you can have. Not only will it make you a lot of money but it will also enable you to work on fun and fulfilling projects, allowing you to showcase your intelligence and problem-solving skills in a real-life scenario.

Looking for other such information? Our website has you covered. Take a look at our other articles right now! 

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