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Top Tips for Crafting a Creative Resume

October 31 2019 - Your resume is the very first thing that a potential employer sees of you. Essentially, it is making your first impression on your behalf. Unless your resume is unique, well-structured, and informative, you may not be granted the opportunity to make a second one. With that in mind, here are some clever tips for crafting a more creative version.

Stick to best practice guidelines

Resume best practice guidelines are a great place to start when putting the document together. For example, your resume should never exceed two pages, regardless of the amount of experience that you have. You should also ensure that you have selected a font that is easily readable, and saved the document as a PDF file.

Use a template

There are thousands of stunning resume or CV templates out there that will instantly provide yours with a new, head-turning look guaranteed to get you noticed. Just remember, though, no matter how great the document looks at first glance, it still wonít do you any favors if the content itself isnít properly structured or contains spelling and grammatical errors.

Use infographics

There is a reason why video and image content is forever trending on social media. It is because people just respond better to visual depictions compared to written depictions. As such, you may have greater success with your resume if you make infographics work for you. Don't only use infographics, of course. Instead, place one or two within your resume in order to help summarize your skills or experience. A professional graphic designer will be able to assist in creating eye catching infographics to suit your needs.

Get creative with color

Creative recruitment agency, Devonshire Recruitment, recommends experimenting with color in your resume. Obviously, donít transform it into something resembling a rainbow, but donít be afraid to introduce colorful accents here and there. Color makes your CV more appealing and easy to read, and can help to convey a better sense of your personality to the recruiter, which ultimately could ensure that your resume comes across as more personable and relatable.

Match the brand

Communicate that youíre passionate about an opportunity by emulating the brand that you want to work for in your resumeís design. This means utilizing the company's colors and its font. It could either be a subtle way of tipping the scales in your favor through subconscious association, or it could be noticed and appreciated by the recruiter. Countless job seekers send out bulk resumes to hundreds of companies at once, so by really showing how much you are interested in working for that particular brand, you may be rewarded with the same personalized attention.

Go digital

If you create your resume on a digital platform, you will have the option to make it interactive and extremely unique. You could add in animations, video content, moving graphics - the list is endless. This route is particularly great for anyone who works, or who is keen to work, in the creative industry.

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